2007 Edicion Regional Mexico Edmundo Dantes 109


I have a love/hate relationship with this cigar. Some I have smoked have been fantastic, others have been muted and astringent. My guess is that some were in their sick phase.

In terms of asthetics, this is a gorgeous cigar. Beautiful colorado wrapper, smooth and silky to the touch. No veins at all. The marblehead is a thing of beauty. Perfectly constructed. Just a touch of class in such an elegant cigar


The wrapper smells of sweetness, spice and a hint of cedar. The construction itself looks impeccible however, a sqeeze throughtout the cigar shows more softness that I am accustomed to. I suspect that this may be a little underfilled. Hope that this doesn’t lead to burn issues.

The reason why this cigar is called an Edmundo Dantes is due to trademark laws in Mexico. It is well known that this is made in the Montecristo style. 600 boxes were released in 2007 and an additional 600 were released in 2008. This is from 2007.

The logo band itself is beautiful as well. Just a pleasure to behold. Overall, this cigar has a nice weight to it. Feels good in my clutches.

Cold draw reveals a combination sweetness, hay, creamy, chocolate and spice. The foot is packed so I hope that this smokes well, despite the softness of the roll.

The marble head takes to my punch easily. Time to take this to the flame…

First Third
The initial puffs of this cigar confirms the sweetness, floral, and chocolate flavours. The smoke coming off of this is decent. Not as much as I would like there to be.

The burn line is straight after a little touchup. No biggie.

Small traces of expresso, nuttiness and spice. The aftertaste reminds me of red licorice, honey, hazelnuts and hot chocolate.

It is medium in strength, almost delicate. The draw is very firm. Might have to look to cutting a bit more off the head with my palio. The firmness of the draw does help me concentrate on the nuances of the flavours. So far, a relaxing, smooth, creamy smoke. No harshness at all.

Second Third
Starting to get more cedar, chocolate and dried nuts flavours. MOre of an accent to the sweetness, creamy , floral characteristics. Reminds me of a hazetnut, vanilla latte with a touch of cocoa powder.

very fragrant aroma from the smoke. The firm draw makes you kick up your feet and really focus on the cigar.

There is a slight increase in strength however, the body of the cigar is still of medium strength. There is a slight earthiness now in the aftertaste. More subtle complexity vs. strength. This cigar is very calming to me.

Final Third
As I enter the final third, I start to wonder what woudl happen if I cut a bit more off the cap to increase the draw surface. TA DA!!! More smoke!!!! The draw has really opened up. Still not a billowing smoke stack but a noticable increase of smoke that envelops my palate.

There is also a slight increase in strength. Like increasing the volume by 1 notch. Nothing overpowering. Hay flavours combine with vanilla, dried raisins and coffee with some floral notes. This cigar is very rich, smooth and complex.

The robustness of the flavours are transforming and intensifying. A good dose of earth, spice, leather and expresso is coming to the forefront in one moment. The next floral, spice and sweetness. Gingerbread?

Final impressions
I love how this cigar has developed over time. 5 years of slumber has done this cigar well. This is a very complex and elegant cigar. The nuances throughtout the cigar was very enjoyable. Surprisingly, there is a lack of strength, which is not a bad thing.

Overall, a wonderful way to spend some time, reflecting on the day’s events.

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