2011 Edicion Regional Italia La Escepcion Selecto Finos

Just got back from a morning of shopping with the family. Time to enjoy the sunshine, get my tan on and fire up a cigar.

Got a fiver of these from a great BOTL recently and wanted to see how they were before committing to a box.

The wrapper is a nice, rustic brown. NO viens. The wrapper is smooth to the touch like rubbing your hand on your car after getting a nice wax. Triple cap is impeccible. The construction of the cigar is nice. A little soft near the foot of the cigar. Damn It’s hot out here. Time to move to the shade for a bit.

the bands on this cigar are very classy and elegant. I’m not familiar with the flavour profile of this cigar so this should be fun.

The draw will be the key. A quick punch through the cap and I will find out if we are good to go. A long pull and happiness ensures. The draw is perfect.

Looking at the construction, quality of tobacco and draw, it makes me wonder why Habanos SA is quick to kill off its long and skinnies from the overall portfolio.

Cedar, hay, and a oh henry bar (chocolate, caramel and some nuttiness) are the flavours that come to mind when taking a few cold draws.

Time to take this to flame…

First Third
In a word: POWER!!! Think of freshly roasted eithiopian coffee, served black after a night of champagne dreams.

Roasted coffee, a hint of black pepper and a faint woodiness to it, you get the initial start of a La Escepcion Selecto Finos. The draw is effortless. Time in the dry box has done this cigar well. The burn line is fairly straight and the ash has a greyish/whitish ash. The initial worries of the slightly softness at the foot is no concern at all.

I would say I am sipping this cigar vs.smoking it. The smoke emanating from the Selecto Finos is exquisite. The aromatics from the smoke are intoxicating. Trying to keep this to a draw per minute but it is damn hard to. I am glad I ate a hearty lunch with the family as this cigar is mucho fuerte. Nothing delicate at all.

Decent aftertaste. Not too long, not too short. The roasted black coffee stays with you as a reminder of the strength of this cigar.

Second Third
Entering the 2nd third now. Just a powerhouse. Reminds me David and Goliath. The long and skinny has the strength of a brahma bull. Really slowing down my smoking due to the strength and the aftertaste is getting longer.

The overall power of the cigar has stayed consistent. Joining the muscle flexing competition is a hint of cocoa that is cowering in fear of the dominance of the black Ethiopian Coffee notes. Time to refill my glass of water. Might need a nap after this one. LOL

Even though there is some kick to this cigar, there is no harshness, which speaks to the quality of the tobacco. The flavours are pronounced, in your face but not intrusive. Youth in its glory. I am guessing this would be like watching LeBron James in high school. A man among boys. I am very excited about the aging potential of this cigar.

Final Third
I decided to pull out my very well worn Min Ron Nee Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post Revolution Havana Cigars to see how he descibed the La Escepcion profile.

These 2 quotes piqued my curiousity.

“The brand lost popularity in the 1980s, perhaps because the type of strong, no nonsense taste, the hallmark of this brand, was no longer in vogue.”m – Min Ron Nee

“Characteristics of La Escepcion Cigars: This brand was famous for its strength. A very strong blend of earthy, peppery, woody flavours plus robust tobacco taste were the main impressions.” – Min Ron Nee

I couldn’t agree more with the exception (escepcion? LOL) that this particular example is heavy on the black coffee characteristics.

The final third brings 2 words to my head: LIGERO BOMBA!!! The one complaint I have on this cigar is whoever banded it, used too much glue. A slight twist of the band to raise it up causes a small tear in the wrapper. GGGRRR!!!!!

Throughout the final third, little white dots start to show up in the ash. Had to retouch up the burn to keep the cigar honest. The ash has turned to a dirty grey with deep black hues. I am guessing it is the ligero

Final impressions: The 2011 RE Italia La Escepcion Selecto Finos is built for the long haul. If you like fresh, strong cigars. This one is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar for its power, brashness and balls on strength.

Construction, draw, flavours and quality of tobacco makes this a ‘must have’ addition to one’s humidor. I firmly believe we are in a new Golden Age for Habanos. Quality control issues are non existant, tobacco quality is excellent!!! Stock up while you can.

The remaining 4 will go to the back of the humidor. Now, time to source a box or two…..

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3 Responses to 2011 Edicion Regional Italia La Escepcion Selecto Finos

  1. I must ask, where do you shop around Ontario / TO to get these cigars, specifically this one?. Thanks, and I must say you have great taste in cigars. Cheers

  2. Habana Mike says:

    Smoking my first tonight and even a year later getting much of what you described, powerful dark and wonderful! Also looking to source a box or two but methinks will be a challenge!

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