80s Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona

Was gifted this cigar at a recent HERF and asked to review it. Not that familiar with the RG marca so I was looking forward to this.

The wrapper is a light chocolate colorado brown. The colour reminds me of a coffee with cream. Beautiful, delicate wrapper. No veins to speak of. Very nice!

Very well constructed cigar. No soft spots at all. Nice and firm.

The aroma off the wrapper is floral, with a hint of honey. A nice sweetness to it. No evidence of earthiness or coffee notes. Interesting.

The foot is nicely packed and the triple cap is beautifully done.

The cigar takes to my punch very easily. Cold draw reveals more honey, floral notes and a very slight hint of cedar.

Time to take this to the flame…

First third
WOW!!! What a start. Blasts of honey, floral notes and a hint of cedar. Just like the cold draw, just amplified. Delicious with the Kona coffee that I am enjoying. Some dried fruit (marachino cherries and strawberries to be specific) added in for good measure. Fantastic! Such delicate yet distinct flavours.

The burn line is solid. Lots of smoke coming from both ends and the draw is impeccible!!! The ash is a light, ‘Dirty’ whitish grey. More white than grey. The ash is holding in very well.

The afterfinish is very nice. Honey and dried fruit. A delicious and pleasant combination.

No strength to this at all. Mild at best. All flavour. Wonderful way to start the day. Damn it, I might have to add this marca to the list. GGGRRR!!!!

Second third
Cedar notes have picked up ever so slightly but noticable. The honey, dried fruit and honey combination are still the dominating flavours and they are fantastic.

Strength is still mild. Afterfinish makes me lean back and think of a crepe stuffed with strawberries and drizzled with honey. Lunchtime can’t get here quick enough. LOL

Smoking this on an empty stomach. Glad it is treating me nicely.

This actually reminds me of a dram of Ron Zacapa XO. Reminds me that I need to get a few bottles as I ran out of this on the weekend. Curses!!!

Final third
The cigar has only picked up in flavour, not in strength. Waves of dried fruit, honey, floral notes and a touch of cedar dance on my palate. On my second cup of coffee and the combination is outstanding.

The floral notes are starting to get stronger. Very cool. Brings out a whole other dimension. It now reminds me of a LGC. All I can think of is a crepe with strawberries and honey. Might have to take the kids to lunch at the local crepe place 🙂

Final impressions: This is an excellent morning cigar. One that should be enjoyed slowly and with enough time to savour as the flavours are delicate, complex and lasting.

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