Pre Embargo Ramon Allones Aristocrat



Got 3 of these a few weeks ago.

I was informed that they were pre embargo sticks. I will tell the story on how I secured them another time as one more transaction is in motion.

The wrapper looks like a motled colorado brown. Rustic. Sort of ugly. Lighter than maduro. It looks like it was roughly wrapped as there is some interesting veinage happening on the back of the cigar.

The cigar itself seems to be unevenly rolled. A couple of soft spots and a couple of hard spots near the foot. Hope it doesn’t pose any draw problems.

The aroma off the cigar is delicate. hard to deliniate any profiles. A sweetness emanates from the wrapper is all I can say. Reminds me of cotton candy.

The triple cap is sort of ugly as well. I slight crack stems from the top. Might have to use a cutter for this one.

Cold draw from the foot reveals a good draw actually. A nice caramel sweetness interlaced with cedar is what I am tasting.

Foot seems nice and packed. Looking forward to trying this one.

I slowly punch a hole through the triple cap and it crumbles.

An easy enough draw. Let’s give this a whirl.

TIme to take this to the flame….

First Third
This thing takes to flame very easily. The taste is pure, clean, unadulterated tobacco. A nice combination of pineapple, molasses, cedar. The aftertaste is fairly long. Very smooth, almost delicate. Mocha on the back end of the finish with a nice sweetness and cuban twang to it. Mild to medium in strength.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ whitish grey. The draw is impeccible. Very easy to smoke this thing and get lost in the flavours. Nice amount of smoke comes out of both ends of the cigar.

As I smoke this, I admire the band. It has a neon green look to it. Old school baby!!! Love the white and pyschodelic green combination. The band itself is very easy to take off. It’s like the cigar has shrunk over time.

Cedar/woodiness notes starting to build up. Like Rip Van Winkle starting to wake up from a long slumber. It’s like it is stretching out and starting to loosen up. Strength is slowly building as well.

The aroma off the smoke is very intoxicating. hard to describe. Reminds me of walking through the woods. The is a certain purity to this cigar.

The gentle breeze, the warm evening, a great cigar and a comfy spot to enjoy it all. Life is good!!!!

Second Third
2nd third

Mocha, Dried pineapple, molasses come in to compliment the cedar flavour characterisitcs. Very nice. The burn line continues to be razor sharp and the draw effortless. The cigar is hypnotic. I wish I could get more of these.

The strength has settled into the medium category. I can’t see this getting any stronger as I smoke this through.

Some honey and spice notes are starting to make their way into the profile as well. Wonderful..

The purity of the after finish is awesome. Very clean, distinct flavours that are long lasting. That pure tobacco taste that you can only get from vintage cigars is just mind blowing!!! There is a nice chocolatey characteristic that makes the after finish almost chewable

Final Third
Molasses gives way to caramel. Cedar gives way to cocoa. What an interesting change. The sweetness has picked up in the after taste as well. Sort of like honey and caramel mixed together. Delicious.

Strength is steady at medium. No harshness throughout this cigar at all. Just me and the flavours hanging out. Smoke production has been steady as well. Ample amounts of blue smoke dance thier way upwards into the sky.

My neighbour walked by and says that the aroma is fantastic. He’s 4 houses down. He asks if I had anymore of what I was smoking. A little white lie to protect my remaining 2 cigars is needed. I tell him that this is the last stick. ‘Too bad’, he says. ‘It smells fantastic!!! You should buy more.’ I wish……. 😦 I don’t have the heart to tell him what I am smoking!!!

I am drawing off this much more slowly right now, as I don’t want the experience to end. This gives me a picture of how cigars were made long ago. I am guessing that this was a poerhouse when it was first produced as the ‘freshness’ of the flavours are still there. This cigar can continue to age, no problemo!!

I’m going to nub this as far as I can. Just loving this thing!!!

The world of vintage cigars is a dangerous place. The more I start to smoke them, the more I want to jump in with both feet.

The Ramon Allones Aristocrat was a marvelous cigar. So rich yet so delicate. Makes me wish I got back into cigars much earlier than I did.

I will have to try very hard to not smoke the remaining 2 that I have……

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