2011 Edicion Limitada Cohiba 1966


Earlier today, I had a conversation with a great BOTL and he mentioned that he smoked a 2011 EL Cohiba 1966 this week. He said that it was a tremendous smoke. Full of depth and flavour.

I tried to remember the last time I fired one up. When it took more than 4 seconds of thought, I decided to smoke one tonight to see how they were coming along.

The 2011 EL Cohiba 1966 is a cigar with heft. It is a 52 ring gauge and is 6.5 inches in length. The release also signifies the 45th anniversary of the brand.

The wrapper is a molten dark brown and toothy to the touch, call it rough around the edges. No veins to speak of. It reminds me of molten lava chocolate cake.

The quality of the roll is first rate. I’ve been told that these were rolled at the Partagas factory. Can’t confirm this though.

The denseness of this cigar makes me wonder on how good it will draw. There is no give at all throughout the length of the cigar. Very firm, like poking a well done steak on the BBQ.

The foot itself reveals that it was rolled entubar style. Old school rollling here.

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Mmmmmmmm……. An utter delight to smell this wrapper. Very entoxicating!!!! My mouth is watering with anticipation.

The aroma from the wrapper reminds me of a Kona coffee with cream. Some cedar and sugar. Yippee skippy. This is going to be delicious.

Squeeze test: a little give through the cigar. Not too firm, not too spongy. Just right.

The triple cap pigtail is a work of art. Smooth to the touch. A joy to look at. It will take easily to my punch.

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Cold draw from the foot reveals an easy draw and coffee, toffee, earth and cream. Fire this thing up already!!!!!!

Cold draw after the punch reveals sweetness, like caramel, cedar, cream, candy cane?, coca cola?

Time to take this to flame…

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First Third
Expresso, cream, leather and cedar come running out to introduce themselves.

There is a good level of strength here to start. A solid medium bodied so far, bordering on full bodied.

The draw is heavenly. Nice and easy. Nothing to it. Full pulls of smoke envelop my palate like a blanket. Billows of smoke through the foot and head of the cigar. Magnificent. I almost want to stop here and just ease back and enjoy…

The after finish has oolong tea, molasses, expresso, and a touch of leather.

The smoke is very aromatic. Very calming…

The burn line is all good. The ash is a deep ‘Dirty’ grey. All is good with the world tonight….

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Second Third
There is a nice, elegant richness in flavours in this cigar.

The strength has settled into the medium bodied category. No harshness to be seen. Just pure flavour.

Loads of chocolate, cream, leather and a little bit of oolong tea and spice to round things out.

The after finish has a slight grassiness to it to go along with the chocolate, cream and leather notes. The finish itself is fairly long. A nice sweetness as well as the finish draws to a close.

The smoke is impressive on this for a young cigar.

The burn is getting a little wonky. At about a 30 degree angle as it makes it way down the cigar. Will see if it corrects itself.

It seems that hint of spice (cinnamon?) has replaced that cuban ‘twang’ Oolong tea is back. Very nice.

Burn is starting to correct itself. Not as much as an angle as before. Brilliant!

This reminds me of molten lava chocolate cake with a hit of spice. Not your typical Cohiba flavours but very enjoyable, none the less.

I should note that there are hints of the Cohiba profile however, the absence of the ‘twang’ makes this a different level of complexity.

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Final Third
This has all come together in a very relaxing, sedative state.

Chocolate, expresso, leather, spice and brown sugar are firing on all cylinders. Oolong tea peeks in here and there to remind me of its presence.

Strength continues to hold steady at medium bodied. Just a nice cigar to relax with…

The chocolate tones are really coming through now. Makes me want to have some german chocolate cake with a latte. The leather and spice notes really make this a wonderful experience.

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Final Impressions
This is a cigar to pull out and smoke after a long week at work. A nice way to kick back and decompress.

The cigar has hints of the typical Cohiba profile but this is a different beast. Not a bad thing IMHO. Good complexity and strength to it. Nothing overpowering throughout the cigar. Just a nice, relaxing and enjoyable experience…..

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1 Response to 2011 Edicion Limitada Cohiba 1966

  1. Paul says:

    This is like my dream cigar! Plan on getting a box sometime!! Great review!


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