2008 Ramon Allones Edicion Regional Francia Especial de Allones


This is a Campanas vitola with a 52 Ring Gauge and 5.5 inches in length. There were 2 releases of this cigar. The first was in a 10 count box (unknown number of boxes released) and the second was in a 25 count box (2,800 boxes made).

I received this through a Make A Wish thread on one of the forums that I am on. Thanks to the extremely generous BOTL was put this in my 5er bag.

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This is a striking cigar. Light, cappuccino coloured wrapper. A little rough around the edges but still puts a smile on my face.

The construction is excellent. Nice and firm throughout the cigar. Not much give to it at all. The foot of the cigar is well packed. Full to the brim with nice cuban tobacco goodness. Cold draw from the foot is stewed fruit, sourdough bread, and ginger snaps.

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The head of the cigar is beautifully done. Nice pointed head and the triple cap is expertly applied. My Palio will be happy to introduce itself to it later on.

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The aroma of the wrapper reminds me of a delicious morning cappuccino. Creamy, milky, and a nice dose of expresso and a touch of sugar.

Here comes the Palio….

The draw is nice….. ginger, molasses, dried fruit and a little hint of leather.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
Initial puffs reveal cedar. Lots of cedar. This litle muchacho is strong!!!

Starting to settle into a medium bodied cigar. That first initial barrage of strength has dissipated.

More leather, cedar, ginger and a hint of eucalyptus. Nice flavour profile so far. Absent is the stewed/dried fruit flavour. Hope it shows up sometime.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ Grey with hints of white. The smoke is fairly full however, not like the fog machine amounts of smoke that I have gotten from some of the other cigars this week.

The draw is good. A little resistance. Might have to chop off a bit more to open it up.

After finish is short, which is surprising. Leather, cedar and ginger dance on my palate ‘Gangnam Style.’ LOL

Pairing this with some Macallan 18 Fine Oak. Very relaxing pairing.

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Second Third
There is a floral taste that has come in. Accents the leather, cedar and ginger trinity.

The ash is holding in very strong. The burn seems to have slowed down. Getting a little off kilter but nothing to worry about.

Still no sign of that ‘dried’ fruit characteristic or the sourdough bread that I got off the cold draw. Weird.

The after finish is still short. Fades real quickly.

The eucalyptus notes come in and out.

Nicotine is starting to build up. Starting to taste it at the tip of my tongue. Might cut off a bit more from the head as I think it is concentrating the nicotine at the top end.

That’s better. The draw has opened up nicely and that harsh nicotine rush is gone. Better have a healthy draw of Macallan 18 to fully wash it away. 🙂

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Final Third
Bitter chocolate has come in to replace the cedar note. The leather and ginger are still prevalent though.

Starting to get a honey flavour come through. Goes really nice with the leather, ginger and bitter chocolate.

The floral notes comes back here and there. Very interesting.

Strength is a nice, medium bodied smoke.

The bitter chocolate has now turned into silky, creamy chocolate. What a change.

Damn band won’t come off. GGRRR!!!!

Looks like I have to stop here. This was getting really good.

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Final Impressions
This is a chameleon cigar. Lots of change throughout the smoke. Different range of strength as well. Has the stuffing to age I think.

Very enjoyable. Kept my guessing what is coming up next.

Thanks for the opportunity to smoke this, my brother. You are an amazing BOTL.

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2 Responses to 2008 Ramon Allones Edicion Regional Francia Especial de Allones

  1. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  2. Chanceschmerr says:

    I have been going deep on these in my trips to France/Switzerland. So far a 25 box and about 12 singles. They have aged really nicely. Let me know if you’d like a redux try of one of these, Art!

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