2011 RASS from a 50 Cabinet


I’ve always loved the feeling of opening a new cabinet of cigars. Just the aroma that comes out of the box is sooooo delightful and intoxicating!!!!

I recently purchased a cabinet of 2011 RASS and wanted to give one a try. Such a great presentation!!! Love the Slide Lid Boxes.

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The box code on this one was POL MAR 11. I figured I would get them in the freezer and break one out when I returned from a business trip in Montreal.

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I always stop in to say hi to Carlos at the LCDH in Montreal. When I got there, he said that I needed to try one of the RASS from the cabinet that they just got in. He said that they were smoking magnificently.

I took a look at the box code. POL MAR 11. Success. I don’t need to break my cabinet at home. I’ll just buy one here and give it a whirl.

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This RASS is stellar looking. I tend to like the rounded shape of a RASS vs. the box press however, beggars can’t be choosers. It’s tough to snag a cabinet due to their low production and that they are snapped up quickly when released.

The Ramon Allones Specially Selected is a traditional robusto vitola. It comes in at a 50 ring gauge and 4.9 inches in length.

There is a nice, deep richness of colour from this wrapper. Like a deeper shade of almond colour. Sooo nice.

The construction on this is excellent. No soft spots. Nice and plump. Ready to be smoked.

The foot of the cigar is packed and the triple cap looks good as well.

Aromas of earthiness, dried fruit and leather emanate from the wrapper.

A quick punch and we are almost ready to go.

The cold draw reveals the same dried fruit, earthiness and leather combination.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
There is such a nice richness of flavours in this cigar. Very pronounced flavours that combine into one nice robusto package.

Leather, earthiness, candied fruit and ginger hit the palate running. Nothing shy about this cigar.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ greyish white. Pretty solid.

The draw has a little resistance. Not too bad. Could be a little more open. Might have to bring in the Palio to make things right.

The after finish is long as well. Very velvety on the palate. Nice combination of leather, earth, dried fruit and ginger.

So far, so good. This is smoking really well for a freshie.

There is no ammonia coming off of this cigar at all. Its been noticeable that the quality of tobacco that is been used for recent production has been amazing. I can’t recall the last time that I smelled ammonia when I cracked open a new box of cigars.

Nice way to spend an afternoon…..

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Second Third
Cigar is a nice medium bodied profile right now. Just the right amount of strength to keep your attention.

Very earthy, leathery flavours combined with sweet chocolate and raisins. It reminds me of raisin glosettes. That nice, silky chocolate poured over perfectly sweetened raisins. Very nice…

Burn still continues to go well. Going a little slow though. Maybe should have kept this in the humi a litle longer but couldn’t resist.

Draw is still firm. Might give it a quick cut for the final third to see what happens.

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Final Third
Had to put this down for a bit to play with my son.

The cigar is still very juicy with flavour. Draw is still firm. Takes a bit to get a full puff of smoke. A quick snap from my Palio solves that. Should have done that earlier.

There is an addition of molasses that joins the raisiny, chocolate, earth and leather profile. Adds a whole new dimension to the cigar.

The strength is still at a medium stance. I don’t expect this to change.

The flavours are so rich and pronounced. Really like that there is no harshness to this. I will be hard pressed to keep my hands out of this cab as these have the characteristics to be addictive. Might have to search for a couple more cabs to age as I smoke through this one.

The after finish is equally delightful and long. Such gorgeous flavours of earth and leather combined with chocolate and raisins. So nice to just sit back and enjoy the moment.

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Final Impressions
This is a great cigar. Smoking really well Right out of the box and has the stuffing to age gracefully. Such beautiful pronounced, complex flavours, I can’t wait to see how this ages. Deliciousness in a robusto format.

The only problem is that I can see myself reaching for these quite a bit. 🙂 Time to scour the earth for another cab or two for the long haul….

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