The Cohiba ‘Reserva’ Series


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing the Cohiba Reserva line. I’ll be posting them in sucession and comparing them to each other. This came from a question that a friend asked me which was ‘What is your favorite Reserva of the bunch?’

A bit of background on the Cohiba Reserva Seleccion Series. These were ‘officially’ released in 2003 however, boxes with late 2002 box codes were released at the end of 2002. There was never an official number of boxes released.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The Seleccion series contained 5 vitolas, each banded with a second ‘Reserva’ Band. There were 2 special vitolas and 3 regular production vitolas.

Regular Production vitolas were:
Cohiba Espendido (47 ring gauge by 7 inches)
Cohiba Robusto (50 ring gauge by 4.9 inches)
Cohiba Coronas Especiales (38 ring gauge by 6 inches).

Sepcial vitolas were:
Cohiba Piramides (52 ring gauge by 6.1 inches)
Cohiba Media Coronas (38 ring gauge by 5.6 inches)

Another special feature of this release is that the Cohiba Media Coronas contained Medio Tempo in the blend. I believe that this was the first time Medio Tempo was used in the Cohiba blend. (or in any blend for that matter)

The filler tobacco used to roll these cigars were at least 3 years old.

There were 30 cigars in total and came in a handsome Boite Natural varnished box. There was 4 Esplendidos, 8 Piramides, and 6 of each of the Coronas Especiales, Robustos and Media Coronas in each box.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I had the opportunity to pick up 2 boxes of these in my first visit to Havana in 2009. I bought the last 2 boxes from the Conde De Villanueva. I was on the hunt for the Cohiba Gran Reservas and I still remember asking Reynaldo if he had anymore in stock. He regretfully informed me that a fellow BOTL just beat me to it however, he shows me these 2 boxes as an alternative. They came home with me… 🙂

These 5 vitolas are the last ones remaining from the first of two boxes. The box code was OSU FEB 03.

I figured that I would include the 2009 Cohiba Gran Reserva Consecha 2003 in this review series as well. I only have a fiver of these as they eluded me when they came out in Cuba. Should make for a fun series.

Hope you enjoy it. Look out for the series in the next few weeks….

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