2000 Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra


Well, it officially my daughter’s birthday. Time to break out one of her birthday sticks.

I recently purchased this box of cigars from a great BOTL. One of things that I had on my bucket list was to source a box of cigars with my daughter’s birth month and birth year. I only smoked cigars on special occasions back when she was born.

I was ecstatic when I was going through his selections to find this. Cross this one off the list and look to add something new.

The smell when I open the box just brings a big smile to my face. A combination of the actual aromas and the significance behind the box makes me instantly happy.

This has been resting for a couple of months now and I can’t wait to try it. Not sure how objective this review will be as it is more about the significance of the cigar more than anything.

Well, let’s see how it goes…

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The 2000 Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extras is a coronas gordas vitola. It has a 46 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length. This particular vitola was discontinued in 2010.

The cigar itself looks delicious!!!! Great milk chocolate wrapper. The construction is nice. No soft spots at all. Very dense. Hopefully, not too dense where the draw is restricted.

One of the concerns that a lot of people have with cigars from 1999 to 2001 is that this was the era of the cigar boom. Production of cuban cigars increased dramatically and quality suffered as a result. I hope that this is not the case tonight…

The aroma off the wrapper reminds me of a Mars bar. Caramel, nougat, chocolate and cream. I am starting to crave a Mars bar now…. LOL

The cigar has a slight box press to it. The foot of the cigar looks fairly packed and the triple cap is nice and rounded, ready for my punch.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick punch and we are almost ready to go. Success!!!! The draw is good!!!! YAY!!!! A slight resistance but shouldn’t be an issue.

The cold draw reminds me of a Coffee Crisp bar. I must have chocolate bar on the brain tonight. Wafers, chocolate, a bit of spice and an shy hint of cedar hit my palate off the draw.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
The first puffs really take me by surprise. Floral notes, roasted nuts and expresso hit my palate hard. Wasn’t expecting this. This cigar has some kick to it.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ grey. The draw is a little firm but nice, full puffs are still achieved.

The smoke on this is subtle. Not crazy, smoke screen type smoke but nice.

The cigar is burning quite slow however, the burn line is crisp.

Very mild, yet complex in flavour. Nothing too overpowering. Wish I had a coffee to enjoy with this as the after finish is very creamy, with hits of floral and woody notes.

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Second Third
After the ash fell off, the cigar really opened up.

The draw is now perfect. More volumuous smoke coming through.

The flavour profile has changed slightly. More floral and woody notes coming through with a hint of chocolate and cream.

This is a very relaxing smoke. Nothing too strong. Just the right amount of strength to just chill out and reminisce with.

The after finish is delicate. The floral and woody notes are there but the mildness of the cigar brings the finish to a close fairly quickly.

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Final Third
Strength has picked up slightly but still in the mild bodied category.

The woody characteristic has moved up the food chain but is still well complimented by the floral notes, chocolate and cream flavours.

After finish is still fleeting but spends more time on the palate than the previous two thirds.

Everything is peaceful and relaxing. A nice way to walk down memory lane and also look towards the future. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Final Impressions
This is a very subtle, delicate cigar. Nice flavours and complexity but mild in strength. Has more woody notes than previous RGs that I have smoked.

A great cigar with some coffee or to sit back and relax with.

Happy Birthday Princess…

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1 Response to 2000 Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra

  1. chambolle says:

    I am heartbroken to hear these are out of production. Like you, my daughter was born in 2000, and I stocked up on Habanos from that vintage,including this, one of my favorites. Time to track down some backstock!


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