2010 Edicion Limitada Reino Unido La Flor De Cano Short Robusto


Just finished a great workout at the gym and wanted to try something different. It’s getting cold outside so, it had to be a relatively quick smoke.

I scurried to the humidor and started to rummage. My eye caught a little cigar from a great BOTL who granted my ‘wish’. Thanks my friend….

The 2010 Reino Unido was a release that a lot of long time cigar collectors were looking forward to. They were released in 25 count slide lid boxes. There was only 1,200 released. This was targeted to be released in 2010 however, the actual release was until mid 2011. It sold out very quickly and are pretty hard to find now.

Hunters and Frankau are known for putting out some great regional releases. They are actively involved in the blend, vitola size and design of the packaging. I only wish the price wasn’t so high…:)

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The 2010 Edicion Regional UK La Flor De Cano Short Rubusto is a stubby, little cigar. The two bands take up half the cigar. LOL

It comes in at a 50 ring gauge and 4 inches in length. Perfect for a quick smoke after a good workout at the gym. 🙂

The cigar is well constructed. Solid and firm throughout the cigar. No soft spots to be had.

The triple cap is expertly applied. Nice and rounded. Ready for the punch.

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The wrapper itself has a rustic brown colour and has a nice sheen to it. Very delicate and smooth to the touch.

The aroma from the wrapper is sweet and delicate as well. Perfume like. Rich with honey, coffee and ginger. Some dried fruit as well.

The foot is packed. No give at all. Should be a good experience.

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A quick punch and we are ready to go.

The draw is good. Good air flow with a little resistance. So far, so good.

The cold draw reveals honey, spice, caramel and a touch of leather. Very different to what I am accustomed to. This is gonna be interesting.

Time to take this to the flame…

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First Third
This starts off very soft, delicate. Flavours of caramel, honey, floral and a touch of leather and a hint of cedar. hay?

Strength is very mild; bordering on light. I think this would be good with a morning expresso.

Nice draw. Excellent smoke production. Very perfume like aroma from the smoke.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ Whitish grey. The little white dots are back!!! Good luck to me!!!

The burn line is solid. The ash itself is very dense.

The after finish is fleeting. Doesn’t stay too long. Herbaceous, floral and sweet. I wish the experience was longer.

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Second Third
starting to get more herbaceous and floral. The leather notes are more pronounced as well. Some cocoa notes are starting to come out as well to compliment the caramel.

The sweetness is starting to dissipate. Strength is moving to medium bodied.

The after finish needs staying power though. It continues to be fleeting. A little richer though. Good complexity.

The burn is razor sharp but burning fast. It might be the size of the vitola as it feels like I am just racing through this cigar….

Final Third
Much more richer now. The herbaceous and leather notes have moved to the forefront and the sweet caramel/honey and floral notes are gone.

The burn is so quick on these. I can feel the internal heat through the wrapper.

Such delicate flavours. Very complex.

The strength has moved to a solid medium bodied category. This is getting pretty good however, we are reaching the end…..

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Final Impressions
This has the makings to be a great cigar. Having said that, I don’t see myself buying these for a few reasons.

The vitola is just too short for the premium being paid for these. If these were regular production, I would have a different opinion due to the flavours and complexity.

The after finish is too short. The flavours come and go with the tremendous frequency. You don’t have the opportunity to lean back and really enjoy the flavours as you are constantly puffing on the cigar to capture the flavours,

A decent smoke. Most likely a morning cigar to enjoy with a fresh palate and a coffee to start your day.

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