New in the Humidor: Club Habana 10th Anniversary Commemorative Monsdales Release


If you ever get to Havana, make the trek up to Club Habana. It will cost about $10 CUC and 20 minutes to get there from Havana. Share a cigar with Jorge and pick up some Monsdales. You won’t be disappointed. Bring your swim trunks so you can relax at the beach and take a dip into the ocean.

In terms of the place itself, it is simply gorgeous. Club Habana is a private, gated beach resort. When you get to the gate, tell them that you are going to the LCDH or else you will have to pay $10 CUC each person to enter the premises.

I had the opportunity to stop by Club Habana last week when I was in Havana. The day that we were there was awesome. Time with Jorge and then lunch with my Canadian Brothers, Nino, Rob Ayala and his Aussie mates at the beach restaurant. Just a fantastic time!!!! In a word, Tranquilo…

Spent some time with Jorge Lopez at the Club Habana LCDH and scoured the humidor for some treasures.

Jorge gave me a Monsdale to smoke while I perused the inventory. The Monsdales this year are just divine. Great tobacco, solid construction and an explosion of flavours.

I remembered that there was a special carved wooden box of 10 numbered Monsdales that was made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Club Habana La Casa Del Habanos. I was kicking myself for not picking up one the previous year.

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I didn’t see one in the humidor and asked Jorge if he had any left. He says ‘Hold on’ and goes in the back. He comes out with 2 of these gorgeous boxes.

I asked him to sign the box and he graciously accommodated me. Now, I have to decide if I will ever smoke one.

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