2001 El Rey Del Mundo Gran Corona


I received this cigar in a trade as I wanted to try out different vitolas in the El Rey Del Mundo marca line. The EDRM Gran Corona is a Coronas Gordas vitola and was discontinued in 2002. It comes in at a 46 ring gauge and 5.6 inches. They came in dress boxes of 25 and slide lid boxes of 25 and 50 count cigars.

Let’s see how it does.

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The wrapper is just perfect: deep, leathery brown, no veins,

The foot of the cigar is nice and packed; no softs spots; The head of the cigar slightly box pressed. Nice triple cap.

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The aromas of the wrapper emanate dried fruit, very floral too, reminds me of a piece of juicy fruit gum

A quick hit from my punch and we are ready to go.

The cold draw: dried fruit and floral; fairly sweet to the palate; skittles?

Time to take this to the flame…

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First Third
Very floral and citrusy with a hint of leather and black tea; initial puffs are very long; nice draw; great smoke production; very easy to retrohale

very delicate flavours; strength is mild; not hint of earth or coffee notes;

very perfume like aroma from the smoke; would be a good morning cigar

a chill cigar that you would have to smoke by yourself to focus on the complexity of the flavours

Dirty grey ash; very dense;

after finish is short; hope it builds up over time; a good combination of sweetness from the stewed fruit combined with the floral and citrus notes with a touch of black tea for bitterness

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Second Third
getting richer is strength; moving to medium bodied

More pronounced leather now, combining with the floral and citrus notes

the sweetness is gone; more robust now;

The after finish is showing leather, citrus, floral notes with a bit of earthiness coming in; still a hint of black tea but the bitterness has died down; nice change; very complex in flavour profile

burn remains razor sharp; ample smoke production; ash holds on for a long time

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Final Third
floral notes starting to become equal in strength to the leather notes; a hint of citrus, earth and black tea in the background;

this has me guessing throughout the cigar; nice complexity and change of flavours

strength is now in the medium bodied category; good depth of flavour and strength now

After finish still has a more dominant leather component but a close second is the floral notes;

No harshness at all throughout the cigar; very easy to retrohale; even at the end

Some chocolate coming in now; moves right to the front of the class; how rude LOL

nice compliment to the leather and floral notes; citrus and black tea accents have all but disappeared

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Final Impressions
This is a very good cigar. At first, I thought it would go well with coffee however, with the complexity, changes and nuances of the flavours, I would just enjoy this with water.

Nice combination of delicate flavours with an uptick on strength as you smoke the cigar. Very cool.

A good change of pace cigar for me. The flavour composition consistently changes throughout the cigar which makes you pay attention. Not overpowering in strength but, just enough to keep you interested as well.

Might have to search out a box of these in Havana….

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