2008 Cohiba Coleccion Habanos Sublimes Extra


Had to sit down today and focus on a few things that would take some concentration and mental dexterity. Wanted to have a cigar to last for a while and that I could smoke, while pondering different scenarios and strategy. A day of reflection and focus.

I received this as a gift in 2011 and haven’t found the opportunity to commit the time to smoke it. Today seemed to be the perfect day, seeing that I needed to be able to let my thoughts come to me as I captured them on a document.

The 2008 Cohiba Coleccion Habanos Sublimes Extra is part of the Habanos Book Series. Every year, Habanos selects a marca and constructs a vitola that is not in their regular production lineup.

The packaging is beautiful as the cigars are contained in a gorgeous wooden box that looks like an Encyclopedia volume. This was the eighth release in the series.

There were 1,000 numbered books released in 2008 with 20 cigars per book.

Let’s see how this is progressing…

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The 2008 Cohiba Coleccion Habanos Sublimes Extra is an enormous cigar. It comes in at a 54 ring gauge and is 7.2 inches in length. A time commitment if I ever saw one.

The wrapper is a chocolately brown with a reddish hue to it. Aromas from the wrapper are: Hazelnut, barnyard, cream and vanilla.

The wrapper itself is very smooth. Impressive, seeing that the wrapper leaf needed for such a big cigar needs to be quite large.

The construction is good. Fairly firm at the head and foot of the cigar but slightly spongy in the middle. Hope that this doesn’t burn too quick.

The triple cap looks good. Nicely rounded. Gonna have to use my large hole punch for this one. The foot is equally impressive. Well packed. Chock full of Habanos goodness.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick twist of my punch and we are ready for ignition….

Draw is very open. A little too open for my liking. That slight resistance that I look for in a cigar is just not there.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: honey, hazelnut, cream, and a splash of cedar.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
There is a nice creaminess to this cigar right off the bat. Hazelnut, honey, cedar and a hint of grassiness with a touch of cocoa to boot.

Strength starting off at medium level. Hypnotic and relaxing.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ Whitish grey. Burn line is brilliant and razor sharp.

Air flow is good. A little too open for my liking but still allows for large, expansive pulls from the cigar. Slightly underfilled. Lots of smoke coming from this one. The burn itself doesn’t seem to be going too quick, which is a good sign. I need this to last for awhile.

It’s the lesser of two evils, I guess. I would have cursed the world if this had a tight draw and limited smoke production.

The after finish is very complex. A nice combination of hazenut, honey, intermixed with the cocoa, cedar and grassiness. This is a perfect way to just reflect and start putting down things to paper. Puts you in a relaxed, yet focused state as you enjoy the flavour profile.

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2nd Third
Burning way too quick for my liking. Wish it would slow down as the flavours are delicious.

Cedar, grassiness, honey, hazelnut and cocoa just dance on my palate like a well rehearsed dance troupe. Wonderful.

The after finish is fairly long. Strength continues to be at a medium level. Soooo good. It’s helping me read the data slowly and then ponder it so I understand the information. Loving it.

Draw continues to be open. Wish it would tighten up a bit. It would slow down the burn….grrrr…

Might have to get another cigar to enjoy after this as the burn is moving at a record pace…

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Final Third
Such enjoyable flavours. Perfect balance between strength and flavour profile. Loving the cedar, cream, honey, hazelnut, leather and grassiness of this cigar.

It’s unfortunate that the under filling of this cigar is not allowing me to enjoy this for a longer duration. I have been intentionally smoking slowly but to no avail. It is burning at a record pace and the speediness of reaching the end in unavoidable. Too bad. I am just glad it has not detracted from the flavours as there is no harshness or ‘heat’ coming from the cigar as I smoke it. The pull remains cool as a cucumber.

The burn line has been excellent throughout our time together. The ash falls off and forms a cone however, the burn line remains solid. Lots of smoke production however, the draw is sooooo loose……grrr….

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Final Impressions
This was a delight to smoke. A wonderful flavour profile and perfect level of strength. Nice complexity to this cigar, despite the size.

The only area to lament is the construction. The quality of the tobacco was first class however, the roll was under filled which led to a quicker than anticipated finish. Disappointing, considering the price tag and limited availability of this cigar.

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4 Responses to 2008 Cohiba Coleccion Habanos Sublimes Extra

  1. mk says:

    Thank you for the review. I hope you can get your hands on the Bolivar book…dying to hear how that one is turning up.

  2. kirkgoings says:

    Sounds awesome! Thanks

  3. Habana Mike says:

    Smoking one tonight. I’m getting more foresty undergrowth and seaweed notes up front than anything. Still a very very enjoyable smoke.

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