1998 Hoyo De Monterray Short Hoyo Corona


Got the opportunity to try this through a Make a Wish thread. Never really been a Hoyo fan and I hope that this changes my mind. Heard good things about this vitola. We’ll see how it goes.

Time to see how it is progressing…

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The 1998 Hoyo De Monterray Short Hoyo Corona looks like a throw back cigar. Rough, rugged and rustic.

This cigar comes in at 42 ring gauge and 5.1 inches in length. This is a mareva vitola (one of my favorites) and was discontinued in 2006. These came in a dress box of 25 cigars.

Wrapper: deep, dark chocolate brown; very rustic; sort of ugly;

Aroma: Milk chocolate and woodiness

Construction: a little spongy; doesn’t seem under filled though; Feels a little tight in the middle of the cigar

Draw: ok, seems a little more restricted than I like it to be. Hope this doesn’t pose any issues.

Triple cap: roughly wrapped; foot fairly packed

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Cold Draw: heavy woodiness, muscled on the cedar; limited sweetness

Time to take this to the flame…

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First Third:
Very strong from the offset. A big blast of woodiness, more oak than cedar both both are present. No sign of any sweetness at this stage.

Strength is medium to full right now; very deep in rich flavours; surprised on how strong it is, considering the age. Wowzers!

Draw started off well but is now tightening up. Limited air flow. Smoke production also limited. Can’t get a full draw. Hopefully, this will open up in the 2nd third or else it’s pitch time. Life is too short to smoke plugged cigars..

2nd Third
Unfortunately, had to pitch this one. Limited air flow. Like sucking a rock through a straw. Tried to save it but to no avail. Started to make my head woozy so, off to the next cigar. Disappointing as the flavours were interesting. Oh well. Such is life…

Final Impressions
This is a cigar that I would like to try again. Interesting flavours however, the construction wouldn’t allow me to fully appreciate the cigar. Only got through the first third before lack of oxygen to the brain forced me to stop. Not due to lack of effort…

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3 Responses to 1998 Hoyo De Monterray Short Hoyo Corona

  1. Bill says:

    Appreciate you taking one for the team!

  2. I like the cross section cut of the cigar. Very cool. Hand rolled?

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