2007 Partagas Sobresalientes: Replica de Humidor Antiguo


Acquired this a while ago and have afraid to smoke it as it is very difficult to get. However, decided today is the day as cigars are for smoking, not to look at.

Let’s see how it is progressing….

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The 2007 Partagas Sobresalientes is a fair sized cigar. This comes from the 2007 Replica de Humidor Antiguo release. There were 200 numbered humidors released, each containing 50 of these cigars. This was the 2nd Humidor release under the Antique Humidor Series. The cigar comes in at a 53 ring gauge and 6 inches in length.


* history and Antique Humidor picture courtesy of http://www.cubancigarwebsite.com

The wrapper is a beautiful shade of creamy milk chocolate. Looks like a candy bar. Making me hungry actually. LOL. No visible veins and smooth to the touch. A wonderful specimen.

The aromas from the wrapper are: caramel, chocolate, roasted nuts and earth. Getting more hungrier. LOL

The construction on this is excellent. Nice and solid with a hint of sponginess. The triple cap is immaculate. Nicely rounded and expertly applied. Almost looks like a big marble head. The foot is nice and packed as well. A little crack in the wrapper from transportation but ce la vie. Hope it smokes well.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick cut from my Palio and we are ready for ignition….

The draw is perfect. Nice air flow and a little resistance. Should smoke well.

Initial Flavours are: earth, leather, spice and white pepper

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
Very rich in earth, cedar, leather, cocoa and white pepper with a hit of cinnamon. Spicy cigar, this one is. Reminds me of a dark cocoa chocolate bar, infused with a bit of chili pepper for some kick.

The strength is surprisingly medium. The flavours are combining well and it isn’t a BOOYA bomb off the get go. Nice and relaxing actually.

A fair amount of chocolate, cream and spice on the after finish. The leather and earth are great complimentary flavours. Nice and long. Very tranquilizing smoke.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ whitish grey. The burn line is excellent and the air flow perfect. The draw is perfect. Nice, full draws to capture a great snapshot of the flavour profile. Blue smoke billows through the air. The smoke itself is very aromatic. Lovely….

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Second Third
Very subdued. Strength is mild to medium. Flavours are cocoa, leather, earth, cinnamon and a hint of mintiness? Wonderfully complex. No harshness at all. Nice interplay with the cinnamon and mint. Changes throughout the smoke.

The after finish just coats your mouth and lingers, making you both enjoy the flavours and think about them.

A slight woodiness starts to come in, replacing the cinnamon and mint. More robust now. Strength is back to medium. Nice compliment to the earth/leather/chocolate and cream combination. Seems to add more depth to cigar, like someone turned up the bass!!!!!

Burn line continues to be excellent. Ash is holding on nicely. Good sign of a well rolled cigar. Draw in spot on and the smoke continues to fill the room with a lovely aroma that brings me back to Havana.

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Final Third
Very subtle flavour profile despite the actual flavours. Nice complexity in this cigar. Good twists and turns between hints of mint, to cinnamon to changes in strength. This is not the strength bomb that I tend to think of and associate with the Partagas marca.

I like the interplay between the chocolate and white pepper notes with the earth and cedar notes. Both combinations take their turns to be profiled. Cinnamon and mint act as back up singers.

Nice, long finish. Soothing almost. The strength also moves from mild/medium to medium. Never hitting the full throttle. Very unique.

The burn, burn line and draw continue to deliver is spades. What a wonderful cigar.

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Final Impressions
This was an eye opener. Such intricate overtures of flavour changes and strength changes. Like watching a Tony award winning play. Nuances, subplots and different characters all have their role to play to make for a fantastic experience.

I really enjoyed the fact that the strength was not a brahma bull in a china shop. More like a great orchestrator, leading the band to play in unison for everyone to enjoy.

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