35th Anniversario Cohiba Lancero


Purchased this from a great BOTL some time ago and decided to smoke it today. Needed some inspiration today so I can refocus on things that need to get done.

Let’s see how it is progressing….

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The 35th Anniversario Cohiba Humidor was released in 2001 to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the marca. There were 500 numbered humidors released.



The humidor contained 135 cigars in total, split between 6 vitolas:
20 Esplendidos, 35 lanceros, 20 Gran Coronas, 20 Piramides, 20 Robustos and 20 Siglo Vs. A special band was made for these cigars as well.

* pictures of 35th Anniversario Cohiba Humidor and information on vitolas courtesy of http://www.cubancigarwebsite.com

wrapper: light, honey brown; smooth to the touch; got damaged bouncing around my travel humidor. Oh well. Still gonna smoke it.
aromas: hazelnut, cream and barnyard
construction: impeccible. Solid throughout the cigar with a little give. Perfect.

Triple Cap: Stellar; well done. nicely applied with a perfect pig tail cap. Well rounded
foot: nice and packed

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

draw: perfect; ample air flow with a slight resistance
initial flavours: cocoa, cedar, cream and a hint of earth and leather

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
Calm, peaceful, serenity. These are the words that come to mind as I take the first few initial puffs.

Cedar, cocoa, cream, grassy notes and a hint of hazelnut greet me with a big hug to say hello. Such a great flavour profile.

Strength is medium right now. More flavour than power. Lovin it.

The draw is ok. A little restricted however, still allows for decent airflow to allow for full draws. The smoke production is excellent as well. The burn is razor sharp and quite slow. Tells me not to rush this cigar. Nice ‘Dirty’ whitish ash. I see the white dots!!!!!

The after finish is luxurious. Nice combination of cedar, cream, cocoa, grassy notes and a hint of hazelnut gently coats the palate. Very relaxing. Very easy to retrohale. Sooo smooth and refined right now. Delicious!!!!

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Second Third
So subtle are the changes in strength and flavour. Like tweaking or fine tuning a race car. Strength ebbs and flows between medium and mild/medium and back again.

The flavours tends to slowly move up and down the scale with ease. Complimenting each other, no really dominating, more putting an ensemble show where everyone is a star and everyone contributes.

Nice combination of cocoa, cedar, grassy notes, cream and hazelnut.

The cigar has tightened up slightly. Might have to take a cutter to this to open it up. Burn continues to be razor sharp though, despite the recent restrictiveness of the draw.

After finish is just heavenly. A wonderful combination of strength and flavour. Sooo easy to retrohale, which really accentuated the flavour profile. Wonderful.

Hit a crack in the wrapper, unravelling the wrapper. Will have to smoke through it….

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Final Third
Draw is opening up again. Thank goodness. The deliciousness just got better.

Some vanilla bean notes have come in to complement the cocoa and cream flavours. The cedar and grassy notes have died down slightly to allow them to take centre stage.

I am so amazed on how easy this is to retrohale. No harshness at all. Just pure, clean flavours through and through. WOW!!!! Beautiful smoke.

The burn is a little wonky due to the cracked wrapper. I really need to be more careful when packing the travel humidor. More of a distraction than anything.

These flavours are very subtle and delicate. No hint of increase in strength. Still going back and forth between medium and mild/medium. Perfect for me as the flavours really come out to profile themselves.

Spoke too soon. The 35th Anniversario Cohiba Lancero picks up the strength in a hurry. A full medium now. Roasted nuts (almonds?) as well as cocoa, hazelnut and cream really dome to the forefront. Grassy notes and cedar pick up the action as well. Looks like it is going to end the show with a bang.

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Final Impressions
A delight to smoke. Very subtle and complex flavours throughout the cigar. I really enjoyed the difference nuances as you progressed through the smoke. Draw was a little tight and had to work with a damaged wrapper (my fault for being clumsy) but all in all, a great experience.

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