2003 Vegas Robaina Clasico from the 5th Anniversario Commemorative Humidor


I got invited over for dinner, libations and cigars by a great BOTL tonight. When I arrived, he says, ‘I’ve got a surprise for you. I bet you haven’t smoked one of these before.’

He proceeds to show me this….

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

It’s the Vegas Robaina 5th Anniversario Commemorative Humidor. There were only 500 of these humidors made and he has number 149. He then gifts me this…

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It is the Vegas Robaina Clasico from the 5th Annversario Humidor and then, with a cheshire grin of his face, hands me a pen and paper and says, ‘I would love to have you review this for your blog.’

Stunned and in awe by his generosity, I agreed and here we are. But, before I begin, I have to say that I am constantly amazed by the extraordinary and generous people that I get the opportunity to meet and get to know from a bunch of fermented and rolled tobacco. Thank you bro, you are an amazing Brother of the Leaf. Truly generous!!!

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The Vegas Robaina 5th Anniversary Clasico is a sleek looking cigar. There were 20 Clasicos included in the commemorative humidor. It is a lonsdale vitola and comes in at a 42 ring gauge and is 6.5 inches in length. It’s official factory name is Cervantes.

The wrapper is a light, golden brown. Very delicate and elegant looking. The aromas from the wrapper are: cocoa, graham cracker, which reminds me of S’Mores and a hint of barnyard.

The wrapper itself is silky soft. No apparent veins to speak of.

The construction is excellent. No soft spots throughout the cigar. Brilliantly rolled. Nice triple cap and the foot is nicely packed.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick twist of my punch and we are ready to roll!!!!

The draw is perfect. Lots of airflow with a hint of resistance. Excitement factor just kicked it up a notch!!!

The initial flavours from the cold draw are: hay, honey, graham cracker, cocoa and earth.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
WOW!!!! This is sooo smooth. Extremely easy to retrohale. I was afraid to do this as the pedigree of the Vegas Robaina marca is fuerte!!!! This is just so refined, elegant and complex.

Strength is at the low end of medium, bordering on mild.

The flavours themselves are just wonderful. Oak, earth, a touch of spice and cinnamon and clove. Very unique flavour profile. Didn’t not expect this at all. Curve ball city!!!!

The strength and flavours are so well integrated. Delicate yet, has star power. Surprisingly light though on the palate. Nothing overpowering. Clove, cinnamon, combined with earth, cocoa and oak just linger forever however, is not heavy on the palate.

The burn, smoke production and draw are excellent. Everything is a go for one great cigar smoking experience. The ash is a nice ‘Dirty’ whitish grey and the ash is very dense.

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Second Third
This cigar is crazy smooth and just an amazing smoke. Rich yet delicate. Decadent yet refined. Awesome!!!!

The cigar is like a chameleon. Slight changes in strength as well as flavour hits. Fantastic. More changes in overall profile that a bride at a Chinese Wedding. LOL

A good rotation in emphasizing individual flavours over the course of the second third. A flavour that I can only describe as peanut butter, combines with the earth, oak and cinnamon. The clove flavour has gone away and is replaced by a touch of honey.

Another costume change. More cocoa now, which goes nice with the honey and earth tones. Compliments the peanut butter taste. Very coating on the palate but not heavy at all.

The after finish teases me throughout the second third. Always changing, morphing, adding or subtracting a flavour or two. Right now, cocoa, cream and spice are the clear leaders of the band, with earth, roasted nuts and oak complementing the trio.

The burn, draw and smoke production continue to go strong. Strength is more on the mild category right now.

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Final Third
Uh oh…Someone woke up the sleeping giant. The strength picks up in a big way, fully moving into the medium category. Chocolate and oak have moved to the forefront and is now complemented by roasted nuts, earth, oak and a touch of honey. WOW!!!! What a difference!!!! The increase in strength as well of the ascent of chocolate and honey have really changed the flavour profile of the cigar.

The after finish is just the Bomba!!!! It’s like the flavours are layering themselves gently on top of my palate, like a blanket vs. taking a sledgehammer to my palate. LOL

Burn, draw and smoke production continue to do well. What a wonderful smoke.

So refined right now. That extra kick in strength has just brought another dimension of complexity to the cigar. Crazy. It’s a chameleon, I tell ya!!!!!

The subtle (at at times, not so subtle) changes in both flavour profile and strength of the 2003 Vegas Robaina 5th Anniversario Clasico is just unique. I would have never guessed it would be so refined, smooth and easy to smoke. A great surprise indeed.

Look out, floral notes are now entering the party. Better late than never. The addition of the floral notes combined with Cocoa, earth, honey and oak really deliver a very unique overall flavour profile. The cigar forces you to pay attention as the continued twists and turns throughout the cigar is just amazing. I don’t recall in recent memory seeing that many fluctuations between strength and flavour. Great stuff.

The after finish is just devine with that added extra from the cocoa, floral notes and oak. Lots of subtle changes throughout the cigar. I wish I could bottle this stuff, it’s so good.

Strength continues to provide that extra oomph that I was looking for..

The draw, smoke production and burn are all excellent. What a cigar…..:)

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Final Impressions
This was a very unique smoking experience. I don’t think I have experienced that many flavour profile changes and nuances in a long time. Tweaks in strength as well as full on changes in flavours kept me guessing the whole time I was smoking it.

Totally different to other regular production Vegas Robaina I have smoked. Most, if not all of them, are very earthy, leather, cocoa and heavy on the palate. This cigar had those flavours and then some however, I was surprised on how smooth, refined and light, in terms of strength, it was on the palate. Never would have expected that and I wouldn’t have believed it unless I smoked it myself.

A fantastic cigar journey that was part of a epic evening. Thank you again to the great BOTL that provided me this opportunity to smoke this cigar. Your generosity knows no bounds.

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4 Responses to 2003 Vegas Robaina Clasico from the 5th Anniversario Commemorative Humidor

  1. Great Review as always Art. I’ve always heard these were fantastic. Cheers

  2. Toronto Habanos Fan says:

    I had the good fortune to smoke each vitola from this Humidor and justifiably each was smoked in Havana. I can sincerely say these cigars made me a fan & lover of Cuban cigars!! I rank the Cervantes as the BEST cigar that I have ever smoked!!! Salud!!

  3. Peter Brown says:

    Vegas Robaina Clasico cigars have a rich bunch of flavors. The cigar is sweet and a bit spicy and very appetizing.

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