The Cohiba Behike Project: Sample # 5: BHK 54


This is sample # 5 of 9 from the Cohiba Behike Project. So far, it has been an interesting ride. All 4 samples come from both sides of the extremes. One side being fully integrated, smooth and refined. The other side being yourthful, brash, in need of some time in the humidor. There has been no in between so far.

Here are my guesses to date

Sample #1: BHK 56: 2012
Sample #2: BHK 52: 2010
Sample #3: BHK 52: 2012
Sample # 4: BHK 54: 2011

Let’s see how this one is progressing….

 photo 20130225_1321230.jpg

The Cohiba Behike 54 is a magnificent looking cigar. It is no secret that I favour the BHK 54 over the BHK 52 and BHK 56. Just the right amount of length and ring gauge. Best of the line IMHO.

The wrapper is just gorgeous. A beautiful shade of honeyed, caramel brown. Just so delicious to look at. The aromas from the wrapper are: barnyard, earth, and a slight whiff of hazelnut and roasted nuts. The barnyard and earth are fairly powerful though. Smells like a freshie….

The construction is excellent. Nice and firm. No soft spots and a slight give when squeezed.

The triple cap pig tail is lovely and the foot is nice and packed.

 photo 20130225_132048.jpg
 photo 20130225_132054.jpg

A quick twist of my punch and we are ready for battle.

The draw is perfect. Nice airflow with a slight resistance

The initial flavours are: cream, cocoa, and some cedar. Interesting

Time to take this to the flame….

 photo 20130225_231127.jpg

First Third
OH NO!!!! Accident!!! GRRRR!!!!! As I was fiddling around, I accidentally dropped the cigar. BBOOOO!!!! Slight cracking on the head and foot of the cigar. What a clumsy dumb ass I can be. Looks like it should still smoke well though. I will need to be mindful of this.

I have to say that the start off flavours are impressive. Very rich and luxurious. Leather, cream, earth, and caramel, with a touch of cedar.

The strength is medium. Perfect for the profile.

The burn and draw are excellent, despite the cracked foot and head. The ash is a ‘Dirty’ grey and very dense. The burn is razor sharp and smoke production is good.

The after finish is just fabulous. Very balanced. Really enjoying the flavours at this point. Nothing overpowering. Everything in unison. Harmony comes to mind. Just a pleasure to smoke right now. Nice and long on the palate. Just hangs out, aloof and without a care in the world.

 photo 20130225_232249.jpg

Second Third
Got through the cracked foot and we are now on easy street. The cracked head is holding on well and not causing any draw issues.

The flavours are just mouth watering in a good way. Roasted nuts, caramel, leather, cream, earth and a touch of cedar. Just divine.

The strength has picked up slightly, really amplifies the flavours, taking it to another level.

The draw, burn and smoke production continue to shine. All is good in the hood.

The after finish continues to lengthen over time. The flavours are just wonderful. Right in the money spot. Killer right now. I’ve really slowed down on the draws so I can enjoy the expansiveness of the flavours. The roasted nuts, caramel and cream really stand out at the end, as the leather, earth and cedar trio slowly ebb away. Fantastic!!!!

 photo 20130225_234049.jpg

Final Third
All I can think of as I smoke this cigar is that Michael Jackson ‘Smooth Criminal’. This cigar is soo smooth and refined, it is criminal.

I am amazed how well the flavours are put together. Nothing overpowering or dominating. All are acting in unison. Just like watching a Championship team. Everyone has a role to play and is performing with precision and poise.

The draw, burn and smoke production is just stellar. Can’t complain at all.

The after finish is ridiculously long. The flavours meld together as one and the strength is bang on at a medium level. This is just kicking ass on the palate stage. Nice amounts of roasted nuts, caramel, earth, leather, cocoa and cream. Wonderful. Just wonderful….

 photo 20130225_234309.jpg

Final Impressions
I am going to have to eat crow and change my initial BHK guess. I am thinking that this is the 2010 and the previous one was 2011. The smoothness, refinement and elegance of this cigar is just stunning. A perfect balance between flavour and strength. As much as I would like to smoke these right now at a blistering pace, I think that they will improve over time. Great way to end the evening.

#5 of 9 completed. Onwards and upwards….

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2 Responses to The Cohiba Behike Project: Sample # 5: BHK 54

  1. Keith says:

    You go Art, enjoying the blind smoke experiment.

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