The Cohiba Behike Project: Sample # 6: BHK 54


This is sample #6 of the Cohiba Behike Project. We are almost 2/3 completed the project before we see the results. This is a BHK 54. The final one of the vitola line to sample.

Here are my guesses to date

Sample #1: BHK 56: 2012
Sample #2: BHK 52: 2010
Sample #3: BHK 52: 2012
Sample #4: BHK 54: 2011
Sample #5: BHK 54: 2010

SO, unless I change my BHK 54 ranking, this may be a 2012.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The Cohiba Behike 54 is just a stunning cigar to look at. The wrapper is a nice honey and light hazelnut brown and is silky smooth to the touch. No veins in sight.

The aromas from the wrapper are a heavenly combination of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut.

The construction is impeccable. Nice and firm from head to toe, with a slight give when squeezed. Getting excited to try this one. The pig tail triple cap looks magnificent and the foot is nice and packed.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick twist of my punch and we are ready to make the introduction to Mr. Torch.

The draw is good. Slightly loose but should be fine.

The initial flavours from the cold draw are: cocoa, earth, caramel and roasted nuts.

Time to take this to the flame…..

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First Third
Very nice start. Well integrated flavours; leather, cedar, cocoa, hazelnut and caramel. Yummyville!!! Very refined; just well put together

The strength is at a medium level. Very complimentary to the flavour profile.

The burn is excellent. Razor sharp. The ash is a ‘Dirty’ grey and looks very dense. The draw is actually quite good and makes sure that there is a lot of smoke production.

The after finish is deliciously long and refined. No harshness at all; good balance between the flavours as well as between flavours and strength. nice combination of cocoa, cedar and leather offset by caramel and hazelnut. They lightly tickle the palate and dance around for a long time.

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Second Third
Richer now. More emphasis on the cocoa, leather and earth. Cedar, caramel and hazelnut have given them the dance floor to shake their stuff.

The strength is consistently at the medium level. The ash is sooo dense; stays with us as we enter the second third. Impressive. The smoke production, draw and burn are all good at this stage. No touch ups required

The after finish is just stunning. Like watching a blonde bombshell slowly walk up the catwalk. Divine. The roasted nuts, cocoa and leather linger while the earth, hazelnut and caramel act as back up dancers. Very refined and complex. A joy to smoke right now…

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Final Third
This is just kicking ass and taking names. The flavours are just singing along together. Powerful yet elegant. Like listening to a great choir, belting out the tunes in perfect harmony and rhythm.

The strength providing that solid foundation and stays at the medium level. Good for the soul.

The draw, burn and smoke production just keeps bringing the hits on. Wonderful.

The after finish is equally stunning at this stage as the previous thirds. There continues to be an ebb and flow between leather, earth and cedar with hazelnut, cocoa and caramel. Both sides take turns profiling their stuff. Shaking it like they own it. Wonderful.

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Final Impressions
Damn, these are good. I can’t sugar coat anything. These are brilliant cigars. I really don’t care what year they are at this time. All 3 samples were just fantastic. Great construction, perfect draw, flavours well integrated and refined. An honour and pleasure to be able to smoke and enjoy them. I am guessing this is a 2012 as it I think the flavour profile could still become even more refined. Beautiful.

6 down, 3 to go…..

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3 Responses to The Cohiba Behike Project: Sample # 6: BHK 54

  1. Trent0341 says:

    Following this with great interest to see if you prefer ORs vs. later releases. Thanks for the reviews!

    • Following this with great interest to see if you prefer ORs vs. later releases. Thanks for the reviews!

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the reviews. It will be interesting to match my guesses to the actual years.

      Be well

  2. Peter Brown says:

    Nice review. Cohiba Behike looks extremely good, sporting a silky, shiny wrapper with very thin veins.

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