1929 Peter Schuyler Perfecto


Received this from a great BOTL. He recently purchased a box of these and generously gifted me one to review.

Here is what it looks like unwrapped. It was like unwrapping a Christmas gift. LOL

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This is a Clear Havana cigar, which means it has cleared US Customs. This is made with 100% Cuban tobacco.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The wrapper on this is a light, honey brown. Still perfect after all these years. Very well constructed. Nice and firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed. The aromas from the wrapper are pure caramel and cocoa. Slightly box pressed.

The cap looks well done. Don’t think it is a triple cap though. Will have to introduce it to Mr. Palio shortly. The foot looks nicely packed as well however, squeezed nice and tight. Ready for ignition…

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A quick snap of my Palio and we are ready to roll.

The draw is slightly open. Not sure if this is a machine made or not. Will have to double check.

The initial flavours from the cold draw are: woody notes, cinnamon, dark sugar and leather.

Time to take this to the flame…

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First Third
Wow. Maraschino cherries, spice, cedar, leather and earth come at my palate hard. This little guy has some kick to it. Strength is at a medium level. Enter some black coffee as well. Surprisingly strong for such an old cigar. Impressive. This cigar is still full of life, strength and flavour.

The burn is excellent. Nice ‘Dirty’ white ash. The draw is good. A little open so I will be mindful to smoke this slowly. Smoke production is wonderful as well.

The after finish is long. Black coffee, interlaced with Maraschino cherries, spice, cedar and leather. Strength is up there. Makes the flavours very distinct and vibrant. WOWZERS!!! There is a clean tobacco taste as well in the after finish. Goes on for days. No harshness whatsoever. Very unique in its profile. Crazy good.

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Second Third
Strength has simmered down a touch however, the flavours are just banging!!!! A nice addition of sweet chocolate replaces the earth notes. Leather, maraschino cherries, black coffee and spice are still in full effect.

The burn, draw and smoke production are just magnificent.

The after finish has a hint of mint to complement the maraschino cherries, black coffee, leather and spice notes. This just lingers on the palate for days. I continually look at the cigar in amazement. So complex and refined and yet so fresh and full of life. Amazing stuff!!!!

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Final Third
Despite best efforts to smoke this slowly, a bit of tar build up has occurred at the head of the cigar. A quick snap from my Palio should remedy this as my initial cut was ever so slight.

This continues to boggle my mind as I smoke it. The strength and flavours are just so pronounced and precise. Crazy that this cigar is from 1929. The nuances and complexity is impressive.

The burn, smoke production and draw are perfect. Can’t ask for much better than this.

The strength has picked up slightly in the after finish. Roasted nuts has replaced the cedar now and combines with maraschino cherries, leather, and cocoa. Lots of slight variations of flavour in this cigar. Very long on the palate as well. What a wonderful experience…

Getting hot now. Got to stop even though I just want to continue. A great smoke….

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Final Impressions
This is a special cigar. The tobacco, construction, flavours and strength as just amazing, considering the age of this cigar. Lots of nuances and tons of complexity as you smoke it. Different levels of strength as well as a number of flavour changes throughout the smoke. Thanks to the great BOTL who shared this experience with me.

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1 Response to 1929 Peter Schuyler Perfecto

  1. Michel says:

    Fascinating how such an old cigar is preserved (it looks freshly rolled from my side of the screen). Moreover, it was a good one, lucky you, Art!


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