1950 Blackstone Perfecto

Was in a Clear Havana mood tonight so I pulled out a 1950s Blackstone Perfecto that was generously gifted to me by a great BOTL.

Was very cool to see how yellow the cellophane was when I took the cigar out of the packaging.

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Don’t know much about this cigar, however, I figured it’s time to give it a whirl.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The 1950 Blackstone Perfecto is a nice looking cigar. I really like the shape of these perfectos. Not too big of a ring gauge as well as the length is decent. Not too much, not too little. Reminds me of one of my favorite cigars, the Ramon Allones Celestiales Fino.

The wrapper on this cigar is a cardboard, honey brown. Reminds me of the paper bags you used to bring your lunch to school in. (yes, I am dating myself LOL). The aromas from the wrapper are: sweet milk chocolate, cream and barnyard.

The construction is excellent. Firm with a slight give when squeezed. I am always afraid of giving these older cigars a squeeze test as you never know how delicate the wrapper is. Slightly box pressed. Looking good so far.

Interesting thing on this cigar is that there is a pre made hole at the head of the triple cap. Will see how it draws before deciding to use the Palio on it. The foot of the cigar is tapered as well. Looks fairly packed. Will see how it burns shortly.

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The draw is very open. Lots of airflow. Hope this doesn’t burn hot. Will have to be mindful to smoke this slowly.

The initial flavours from the cold draw are strange and unique. Palmolive soap?, parafin, and floral notes. Never had that before.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
Boom!!!! A rush of floral notes come running at me like a freight train. WOW!!! Didn’t see that coming. The strength is impressive!!!! Medium level from the get go. Nothing shy or holding back.

A few more puffs and the cigar reveals oolong tea, leather and cedar that are trying to balance out the floral note barrage. This reminds me of a amp’ed up La Gloria Cubana, wait, no, El Rey Del Mundo.

Burning brilliantly from the get go. Took to the flame easily. A nice ‘Dirty’ white ash emerges from the flames. Holding on nicely. Sooo easy to draw as it is fairly open. Burning cool so far. The smoke production is impressive. Wafts of blue smoke fill the evening air.

The after finish is long. Floral notes, combined with leather, oolong tea and cedar just dance on my palate for minutes at a time. Smoking this very slowly to respect both the age and the draw. The strength really bolsters the flavours nicely. What a start!!!!

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Second Third.
What a beautiful flavour profile. The floral notes have calmed down a bit and has let leather, oolong tea, and cedar catch up to it. They are all running lock step together now. Damn this reminds me of an El Rey Del Mundo. Crazy good. The strength has turned down the volume slightly, noticeable in the after finish.

The after finish itself is very nice, despite the reduction in the strength department. Cedar, floral notes, leather and oolong tea just love to hang out and chill on my palate. It’s like they want to party all night.

The burn is quite quick despite smoking this slowly. The full draws cause a plethora of combustion even though I am taking longer than normal breaks in between. Just likes up like a beacon when I draw. Even after the draw, the head of the cigar is a furnace and burns brightly. The smoke production is excellent. Lots of blue smoke in the hhhhoooouuusssseee!!!!!

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Final Third
What an adventure. Such a complex and refined cigar. Really opens your mind to collecting vintage cigars. A world onto itself. I am in awe on how fresh and vibrant the flavours are and how the strength is still flexing it after all these years.

The leather and cedar combination has moved to the forefront. Looks like the floral notes needs to take a breather from leading the party all night. More richer and deeper right now. Brooding with strength. The oolong tea has decided to step back as well to give centre stage to cedar and leather.

The burn, draw and smoke production has been excellent. Smoking this to the nub, it’s so good. Starting to heat up but I don’t care. Throw caution to the wind, I say. Let’s see how far I can take this.

The after finish has changed as well. The cedar and leather are more prominent however, floral notes and oolong tea bring it back old school as the flavours linger on the palate. Such a complex flavour profile. No harshness at all. That pure tobacco taste comes in through and through. RIch, cloying, inviting and blissful. I can’t believe how smooth this has been. Nubilicious!!!!!

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Final Impressions
I need to get more of these. What a cigar. A great way to convince yourself to take the plunge on some vintage cigars to try. The flavours and strength really open up your mind on how tobacco can age gracefully if maintained properly. A direct parallel to wine collecting. Patience pays off. The balance, nuances and complexity of this cigar is just wonderful. Thanks again to the great BOTL who provided me this wonderful smoking experience…

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3 Responses to 1950 Blackstone Perfecto

  1. Brendan says:

    Quite enjoy some of the Clear Havanas I’ve tried in the last year. Great to smoke something with solid age on it, and as you say, if they’ve been maintained properly.

  2. Blak Smyth says:

    I have enjoyed many clear havanas, I love the old crustiness that makes you think about some of the people who may have been enjoying a similar cigar many moons ago. Nice review, sounds like you found a winner.

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