2007 Edicion Regional Espana Vegas Robaina Maestros


A good friend of mine recently visited Barcelona and was gracious enough to bring me back a couple of boxes of 2007 Edicion Regional Espana Vegas Robaina Maestos. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this cigar and wanted to see what it was all about. I remember at the private tasting of the 2012 Edicion Regional Canada Vegas Robaina XV Anniversario Sublime in Havana last November, Ajay Patel mentioned that the XV Anniversario reminded me of the Maestros, in terms of quality and flavour. Happy to give this a try, now that it has 6 years of age on it.

Let’s see how it is progressing….

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The 2007 Edicion Regional Vegas Robaina Maestros is a nice looking cigar. The official vitola name is Gorditos. It comes in at a 50 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length. A decent size with some heft to it. There were 20,000 numbered Varnished Slide Boite Nature boxes released. Each box contained 10 cigars.
*information courtesy of http://www.cubancigarwebsite.com

The wrapper has a nice, golden honeyed brown hue. No veins and smooth to the touch. Slight wrapper damage on the foot and the middle of the cigar due to my clumsiness however, shouldn’t be an issue. Other than that, things look good.

Aromas of earth, cream, coffee, cocoa and wafer emanate from the wrapper. Reminds me of a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar. LOL

The construction is solid. Very well built. Nice and firm with a slight resistance. The triple cap looks good and the foot is packed.

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The draw is firm. Slightly tight. Hope it opens up when I fire this up.

Flavours from the cold draw are heavy in earth, coffee, and a slight sourness that I can’t seem to place right now.

Time to take this to the flame.

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First Third
Fairly heavy on the palate to start, in terms of the flavours. Not dense or enough to cause palate fatigue however, it makes a statement upon arrival. Earth, cedar, and leather conspire to overwhelm my senses eventually. There is an absence of sweetness. Powerful and full, yet refined. Nothing out of whack. A gentle giant. Strength is at a medium level at this point.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ greyish white. The smoke production, draw and burn are excellent.

The retrohale really emphasizes the leather and earth. A touch of roasted nuts also enters the fray.

The after finish is fairly expansive. Earth, leather and cedar come in and make their presence felt. There is also a pungent note that reminds me of enoki mushrooms. Very dense flavour profile. Assertive but not boisterous. Confident in probably a better description. No harshness at all. Nicely integrated but threatens to overwhelm if an increase of strength occurs. Good so far.

Second Third
Increase in earth and roasted nuts, followed closely by leather and cedar. Strength is slightly up but still stays in the medium category. Very smooth, despite the heavy flavour profile.

The retrohale reveals a hint of cinammon that slowly is starting to works its way into the starting lineup. Adds a touch of spice and combines nicely with the leather, earth and roasted nuts. Very well blended. The after finish continues to envelop my palate with a gentle firmness, making me pay attention but doesn’t overwhelm in any way.

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Final Third
Roasted nuts, cinnamon and earth start to edge away from leather and cedar. Taking command of the stage if you will. More subtle; hard to explain. Strength continues to stay at a medium level.

The cinnamon note is really singing in the retrohale. Roasted nuts and earth try to keep up but act more as role players. Really tickles the nasal passages as it passes through.

Earth, leather and cedar make their presence felt in the after finish. Stays on the palate while cinnamon and roasted nuts take a rest. The length of the after finish really allows you to take pause between draws. Very lasting on the palate.

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Final Impressions
A solid cigar with room to grow. Nice building of flavours as well as cameo appearances. Full of surprises. The flavour profile is rich and expansive however, I think there is room for development over time. Although robust, no harshness at this point and no one flavour dominates or is over the top. Fairly well intergrated and balanced. Distinctive but not overpowering. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves over time. Great tobacco and construction. A good addition to the humidor….

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7 Responses to 2007 Edicion Regional Espana Vegas Robaina Maestros

  1. Steven says:

    Nice review. I am going to Barcelona in two weeks. Did your friend say which shop he got the cigar at? If you were going to Barcelona, do you have any particular cigars you would seek out?

    • Go to gimenos at 100 las rambles. Ask them to take u downstairs to their vintage area.

      I think you would be happy to get any of the Espana REs. VR maestro, RA Grandes, PL legendarios or Diplomaticos. .

      Maybe try one of each when u r there and then decide which is box worthy.

      Hope this helps

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for the advice. I ended up getting a box of the LGC Espana LE (what do you think of those?) and a box of Trinidad Reyes with a box code from 2007 (taste great!) from Gimenos.

      • glad you made it to Gimenos. Looks like you made some good selections. Haven’t had the LGC Espana. Hope you enjoy it!!!

        Be well

      • Steven says:

        Opps – I didn’t get the LGC RE Espana – I got the Diplomaticos RE short robusto. I was typing to fast. What do you think of that one?

      • Hey man. Nice pick up. I haven’t had one yet. Not really a marca I smoke. Hope you enjoy the sticks!!!

  2. Rye says:

    Great review! I loved this cigar when I was lucky enough to have been given one.

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