1980s La Escepcion Excepcionales


I found these earlier this year in Montreal at a local B&M when I was attending a herf. This treasure came in a intact 50 count box. The box contains 10 cardboard boxes, which contained 5 cello wrapped Escepcionales. I shared this find with my fellow BOTLs/SOTLs after some convincing…;)

I tried one at the Herf but really didn’t pay too much attention as I was in conversation with people. Now that is has had some time in the humidor, I figured it would be a good time to give one a whirl.

Let’s see how it is progressing….

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The 1980s La Escepcion Excepcionales is a diminuative cigar. What you first notice as you grab one out of the five count cardboard box is how yellowed the cello is.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Based on some of the other boxes we were presented with, this was a blessing as you can tell the cigar store had been some issues with the humidity and beetles in the past, when perusing the other older offerings. Overall, these were in magnificent shape.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The 1980s La Escepcion Excepcionales comes in at a 40 ring gauge and is 4.8 inches in length. The official vitola name is Standard Manos, a version of a Petit Corona. These were discontinued in the 1980s. They were also machine made.
*information courtesy of http://www.cubancigarwebsite.com

The wrapper is a very light brown with greenish undertones. Almost candela in the sunlight. Fairly ugly. Not that aesthetically pleasing. Cocoa, earth and green pepper aromas emanate from the wrapper. Very weird and unique aroma.

The construction is decent. Fairly firm throughout the cigar. A couple soft spots here and there but nothing to really worry about. The triple cap is not that pretty but the foot is fairly packed.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick snap from my Palio and we are ready for action.

The draw is good. Nice airflow with a slight resistance. Glad to see that this isn’t too open, given it is a machine made.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are citrus, leather and floral notes.

Time to take this to the flame….

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First Third
Very earthy, a slight sour taste; metallic? Makes my mouth pucker a little bit. Somewhat off putting. Strength is mild to medium. Surprising, considering that the La Escpecion marca is known for its strength as well as peppery, earthy and woody flavours. So far, only earth comes through.

The ash is a ‘Dirty’ whitish, light grey. Very compact. The burn, smoke production and draw are all good.

The after finish is earth and black licorice? A metallic note also joins the fray. Very odd flavour profile. Fairly long on the palate as well. There is a need for water to wash out the metallic note as it is the last flavour to stay on the palate.

The retrohale is reveals leather and earth more prominently. Fairly smooth.

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Second Third
Starting to mellow out. The metallic taste is starting to fade, leaving way for earth, leather and a hint of roasted nuts. Strength has moved into a medium category. There is a vegetal taste now coming on. Very odd.

The after finish is disjointed. A few puffs bring earth, leather and roasted nuts and then BLAMMO!!!! metallic and vegetal notes. BLEH!

The retrohale is more smoother though. Pure leather, earth and roasted nuts. Very Jekel and Hyde….

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Final Third
Much better now. The vegetal and metallic flavours have gone bon voyage. Earth, leather and roasted nuts have taken over. An oakiness has also come out to play. Much richer now. Fuller. Actually enjoyable now. LOL

The after finish has lengthened as well. Much more deeper and robust. A peppery note comes out in the retrohale. I can see what they are the marca is known for now. Too bad it took awhile to get here.

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6 Responses to 1980s La Escepcion Excepcionales

  1. orangedog says:

    Nice find! Why the HdM band?

  2. Rye says:

    Cool review, but it sounds like a gross cigar. Based on this, I wouldn’t jump on any, but one never knows!

  3. Dan says:

    Which b&m did you get this at? Thanks for the review.

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