2000 Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extras: My daughter’s birthday cigar…..


Well, it’s that time of year again. My daughter turns 13. She is entering her teenage years. Man, how time flies. A great BOTL sold me this box of cigars as they were packaged on the month and year she was born. I only smoke this cigar on her birthday as it gives me a chance to reflect on who she is as a person and rekindle some of the memories we have shared so far. She is my little angel and I love her to pieces. Happy Birthday Princess.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The 2000 Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra is a nice looking cigar. It comes in at a 46 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length. The official vitola name is coronas gordas. This cigar always brings a smile to my face, more based on the significance behind it than the actual cigar.

These cigars were discontinued in 2010 and came in dress boxes of 25 cigars. It’s a shame as the Coronas Gordas vitola is one of my favourite sizes. I am fortunate to have some from the month my daughter was born.

The wrapper is a nice shade of cool, light chestnut brown. Very silky smooth to the touch. A little trace of excess cigar glue on the wrapper but that is more optics than anything. Aromas from the wrapper are cappucino, hazelnut and milk chocolate.

The construction is good. Feels a little overfilled when squeezed. I hope that this doesn’t present any draw issues. The triple cap is nicely made and the foot looks packed. Almost too packed.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick twist from my punch and we are ready to walk down memory lane.

The draw is good. I made sure I dry boxed this for a few days to be in best position to get a good draw. I hope it works.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are cream, vanilla, and a touch of honey and hazelnut.

Time to take this to the flame……

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First Third
Roasted nuts with a touch of soft woody notes, leather and vanilla. Very subtle and delicate flavour profile. Nice, perfumed aromas come up from the smoke. Very clean and elegant. Strength is mild to medium. A little nougat touches base here and there.

the draw is perfect. Nice airflow with a slight resistance. Smoke production and burn are going well and the ash is a “dirty’ whitish grey.

The retrohale is very gentle and cloying as it makes its way through the nasal passages. Nice combination of soft woody notes and vanilla.

The after finish is very delicate yet, long on the palate. The softer woody notes lead the way, followed by a nice combination of leather, vanilla, roasted nuts and a touch of nougat and cream. The strength continues to be in the mild to medium level. Just enough to give the flavours the support they need to bring out the best in them. Gently coats the palate, like a nice hug. All is good in the world.

I start to look back at the photos from this year. Man, what a difference a year makes. The first thing I notice is how beautiful her smile is. In every picture, she has that brilliant smile shining brightly. She is really turning out to be a great kid. So full of life, has a great demeanour and can apply focus when needed.

I really see that on the soccer field. She plays rep soccer and I always enjoy watching the transformation from fun loving kid to focused soccer player with a sense of urgency. She has really stepped up her game this year. Encouraging her team mates, communicating on the field, showing leadership and leading by example. She gives it her all when she is out there. No cutting corners. She has developed a great spirit and tenacity.

Her school team won the City Soccer Championships this year, making it 2 out of 3 years. It was one of the highlights of my year as I had the opportunity to watch her play. Proud Papa over here….

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Second third
Smooth and silky milk chocolate comes into to visit, complimenting the soft woody notes. The leather and vanilla round out the profile. A hint of floral notes are brewing in the background, waiting for the opportune time to join the party. The strength has moved up to the medium level with the addition of milk chocolate and floral notes. i am enjoying the layers of flavours as it brings another dimension of complexity to the experience.

The retrohale really benefits from the milk chocolate. Roasted nuts, vanilla and soft woody notes seem more rounded. Still very gentle as it makes its way through the nasal passages.

The after finish continues to develop with each draw. The addition of milk chocolate bolsters the soft woody notes and compliments the roasted nuts. The slight floral note rounds out the vanilla and leather. Nice balance between flavour and strength. Everything is just performing brilliantly.

I start to look at more pictures, making my way back to when she was younger and come to the realization that she is not Daddy’s little girl anymore. She is turning into a young woman. I look at how happy she is with her brother. They are inseparable when they are together. Both love to be with each other and are always smiling and laughing. She always takes the time to be with him and is his protector. One of my favourite things to do is watch them be together and enjoy each other’s company.

I remember when Maya was Jacob’s age and the similarities are striking, in terms of demeanour and personality. Both are very happy and positive people. The world needs more happy people. Fun loving, welcoming and never quick to judge. I am lucky to have them in my life.

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Final Third
Milk chocolate turns into expresso, giving the flavour profile a richer texture. The floral notes start to come out and make their presence felt, heightening the leather and vanilla flavours. The roasted nuts and soft woody notes remain an even keel, happy to go along for the ride. A slight hint of oolong tea has made its way into the party as well. Lots of slight nuances and twists in this cigar. Very cool.

The retrohale has adapted a hint of spice that joins expresso, roasted nuts and leather, making for a more robust flavour profile as it makes it way through the nasal passages. Much more richer and full now and isn’t shy to leave an impression.

The after finish has also been impacted. Much more stronger and richer on the palate. The expresso really brings out the roasted nuts and oolong tea while the floral notes brings out the leather and vanilla. Bolder now, however, very precise, in terms of flavours. Slight adjustments here and there, depending on who wants to go on stage first. A delight to smoke.

I start to think about the future and what it holds for her. Eventually, she will have a boyfriend. I may have to take some classes to get coached on how to handle myself when i meet him for the first time. LOL. She will also become more independent and not want to hang out with her old man for a short period. My friends have constantly warned me of this and all I can do is to support her when needed and allow her to learn and live. This is going to be tough but I know it is for the better. I can only imagine how I will react if she asks for a tattoo or nose ring…..LOL

I start to think about University and making sure she has every opportunity to learn and become what she wants to be. One of the things I am proud of is that she has a good head on her shoulders and makes good decisions when needed. Her outlook on life has always been positive and she is a fighter.

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Final Impressions
This cigar delivered in spades as I walked down memory lane. Good complexity and beautiful layering of flavours and changing of flavours as I smoked the cigars. I can’t really judge this cigar objectively as the sentimental nature behind it is more important to me.

Everyday, I am proud of her. She is my little princess and always will be. Seeing her mature into a young lady will be full of new adventures and experiences. Happy birthday sweetheart. Daddy loves you.

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1 Response to 2000 Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extras: My daughter’s birthday cigar…..

  1. Paul (pbibby) says:

    Really nice sentiment, Art. I plan on doing this as well, for my wedding (July 13 box date) and any children as well.

    Great review.


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