1970s H. Upmann No. 4


Got the opportunity to participate in a group buy earlier this year. Always happy to pick up some vintage sticks at a decent price. I’ve always heard that the older blends are stronger in nature as well as develop subtle nuances as they rest over the years.

Let’s see how this is progressing……

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The 1970s H Upmann No. 4 is a rustic looking cigar. This is a marevas vitola. It comes in at a 42 ring gauge and is 5.1 inches in length. They were available in 25 count dress boxes and were discontinued in 2002.
* information courtesy of http://www.cubancigarwebsite.com

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Very dark, chestnut, leathered brown wrapper that is rough around the edges. A little bumpy here and there, like it shrank over time. Aromas of milk chocolate, nougut, and cream emanate from the wrapper. Delicious!!!!

Construction is excellent. Nice and firm throughout the cigar. Perfectly kept and maintained over the years. The cap is rustically applied and the foot is packed.

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A quick twist from my punch and we are ready to roll.

The draw is perfect. Effortless with a slight resistance. Just the way I like it.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are delectible. citrus, milk chocolate and cocoa.

Time to take this to the flame…

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First Third
WOW!!! Big flavours come out to play from the get go. Earthy, mint, woody, expresso and that old mustiness that you get in vintage cigars. Medium/full in strength. This has some power to it. Very smooth yet robust. Nice inttegration of flavours however, the strength has taken me by surprise.

the draw is perfect. nice airflow with a slight resistance. Great smoke production and razor sharp burn. The ash is a ‘Dirty’ grey.

The retrohale is heavy in woody notes, earth and cocoa, with a touch of mint. Leaves an impression as it moves through the nasal passages.

The after finish is velvet like. Easy, luxurious yet substantial. Cocoa, woody notes, earth with a hint of mint. Bold and powerful despite its age. Beautifully integrated flavour profile. Robust in flavour and strength but not overpowering.

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Second Third
Settling down now. More sauve than edge to it. Easing into its own. Woody notes, leather, nougut, and mint, with a touch of floral notes. Very complex. Requires attention as you smoke it or else you might miss something.

The retrohale is much more balanced now, between woody notes, mint, leather and floral notes. More rounder and delicate.

The after finish seems a little shorter for some reason. Full in flavour but not as lasting on the palate. More integrated though. Softer layers of leather, earth, cocoa, woody notes, accented with mint and floral notes. Beautiful……

Final Third
Forgot to take a picture as I was caught in the moment 🙂

More cocoa coming into focus, along with mint, earth, floral notes and leather. Strength has increased to medium/full again. Wants to finish with a bang.

Retrohale brings a fuller flavour profile now. Cocoa, earth and leather dominate with a touch of mint. Noticably stronger as it moves through the nasal passages.

The after finish returns to form. Stays on the palate for a long time. Assertive in nature now as cocoa, earth and leather lead the way, with touches of mint and floral notes here and there.

Strong yet elegant. A gentle giant. The strength has creeped up and matches up well with the flavour profile. Really gives some emphasis to the floral notes and mint when they are present. Just a treat to smoke…..

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Final Impressions
Age has not slowed down this cigar at all. Great range of strength, wonderful layering of flavours and beautiful complexity. Although the strength is noticeable, particularly in the final third, the flavours are smooth and precise. No harshness at all. A great smoking experience! Glad I have a few more tucked away…..

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