2013 Edicion Limitada Punch Serie D’Oro


Been smoking through the 2013 Edicion Limitadas recently. There are 3 releases this year. The Romeo Y Julieta De Lux, the Hoyo De Monterray Grand Epicure and the Punch Serie D’Oro. I posted a review of the RyJ De Luxe earlier this year.

I’ll share what my ranking is of the cigars, in order at the end of this review.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

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The 2013 Edicion Limitada Punch Serie D’Oro is a Campanas vitola. It comes in at a 52 ring gauge and is 5.5 inches in length. They were released in 25 count dress boxes, affixed with a clasp. There are a undisclosed number of boxes released. This is the first Punch vitola that has been released under the Edicion Limitada category.
* information courtesy of http://www.cubancigarwebsite.com

The wrapper is a dark, leathery chestnut brown. Aromas of barnyard, earth, leather and a touch of floral notes.

Construction is ok. A little spongy but might be just wet due to travel. It does seem slightly underfilled. The pointed triple cap looks good and the foot is packed…

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A quick snap from my Palio and we are ready to roll.

The draw is a little open. Hope it tightens up when I light it.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are cream, nougut, molasses and floral notes.

Time to take this to the flame…..

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First Third
Strong to start; expresso, bitter chocolate and earth. No sweetness; a little harsh to start

Settling in; cream, earth, cocoa and a hint of molasses and floral notes.

Retrohale brings earth, cream and floral notes. A little harsh in the few initial forays however, starting to ease off. Getting smoother with each try.

The after finish is a little unbalanced; trying to find its way. Good length on the palate; has raw potential; needs humidor time

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Second Third
Roasted chestnuts, hazelnut, honey and earth; really coming into its own now; settling into its own skin. More balanced between strength and flavour as well. Harshness is gone; shedding the baby fat. Nice contrast between savory and sweet.

Retrohale brings cream, earth, honey, floral notes move easily through the nasal passages.

After finish has good length to it. Gentle now; has more substance. Lots of little nuances and tweaks between the flavours. Getting better by the minute. Nice layers of chestnuts, hazelnuts and earth, offset by honey and floral notes. Growing up in front of my eyes…

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Final Third
This is rocking now. Flavours and strength are in balance; in perfect harmony. Honey, molasses, earth, cream and eucalyptus with touches of floral notes. More delicate now. Chestnuts and hazelnuts have decided to turn in for the night. Loving the complexity now.

Retrohale brings a nice gentleness with it. Floral notes, honey, earth and eucalyptus dance in unison as it makes their way through the nasal passages.

The after finish is divine. Everything is well integrated. Lush yet gentle. Really have to pay attention to catch the subtle changes throughout the final third. Earth, cream, leather, floral notes, honey and molasses take their time, playing around with who gets profiled with each puff. Wonderful.

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Final Impressions
This has the makings of a great cigar. A little rough around the edges in the first few puffs but really gave a glimpse of things to come in the final two thirds. Huge potential, given the changes in the flavours and the range of flavours at this stage. Very excited to see how this develops over time.

At this stage, I would rank:

1) 2013 Edicion Limitada Punch Serie D’Oro as the front runner of this year’s release
2) 2013 Edicion Limitada Romeo Y Julieta De Lux as a potential big brother to the 2009 Edicion Limitada Romeo Y Julieta Duke
3) 2013 Edicion Limitada Hoyo De Monterray Grand Epicure as one that I need to revisit as my initial samples were not in my palate’s wheelhouse at this stage

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3 Responses to 2013 Edicion Limitada Punch Serie D’Oro

  1. Would you mind sharing what box code you have for the punch LE?


  2. Brett says:

    My wife just brought back a few of these from Hong Kong. Looking forward to giving it a go. I have a feeling it will be one I go deep on based on the reviews thus far 🙂


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