2000 Milenio Montecristo Robusto: My daughter’s birthday cigar….


Man, how time flies. I am amazed how my daughter has grown in the past year. She is now in her teenage years and I could not be more proud of her. Strong work ethic, studious, personable and an athlete.

I bought a partial jar of these in 2013 as part of her ‘birthday collection.’ There are 3 cigars that I smoke this time of year from 2000. Work has been hectic this year and I am glad to have found some time to enjoy this cigar and walk down memory lane….

Let’s see how it is progressing…..



The 2000 Milenio Montecristo Robusto is a majestic looking cigar. Beautiful wrapper, seems well constructed and beautiful, tasteful band.

The wrapper is a dark chocolate shade of brown with no apparent veins. Smooth to the touch. Aromas from the wrapper are: milk chocolate, caramel and a bit of barnyard. Still a strong, crisp aroma, despite 14 years of slumber.

Upon further inspection, the cigar seems very packed. Almost too packed. Hope that there are no draw issues. The triple cap looks good and the foot seems tightly packed as well..



A quick twist from my punch and we are ready to go….

The draw is tight but manageable (I hope)

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: cocoa, mint, cedar and vanilla.

Time to take this to the flame…..


First Third
Man, how things have changed. Gone are the days are discussions of Dora the Explorer or Hanna Montana. Now, it’s about rep soccer, friends and school. She doesn’t discuss boys with me though as she knows I am protective. LOL.

She is growing up so fast. Part of me wants it to stop but the excitement of watching her grow as a person is amazing. I love that she enjoys spending time with her little brother. There are days where the two of them are inseparable, despite the age difference. She really is a fantastic big sister.

I love how she has found her passion in soccer. She is a leader out there and, more importantly, her team mates respect her. She is a joy to watch as she is highly competitive on the field and graceful and genuine off the field. I am a lucky dad.

The cigar starts off with a wonderful flavour profile of eucalyptus, cocoa and earth, with touches of cedar and oolong tea. Just beautiful. Time in the humidor has really brought this flavour profile into balance. Strength is at a medium level and integrates nicely with the flavour profile.

The only downside is the draw. A little tight however, I continually massage the cigar as I smoke it to try to open up the draw. Smoke production is ok and burn line has come in line.

The retrohale brings cedar, eucalyptus, and a touch of spice. Brilliant as it moves through the nasal passages.

The after finish has nice depth to it. Gently envelops the palate with ecalyptus, cocoa and earth, with inflections of spice, oolong tea and cedar. Graceful and balanced. IF only the draw would loosen up…..


Second Third
I love how she still open to trying new things. Her attitude is to always try something new versus not try at all. I admire her for that. Her gym teacher encouraged her to try out for the field hockey team. She made the team and is now being scouted/encouraged to try out for the city team.

I had the opportunity to watch her play and man, she is fast. She chased down the ball handler three times during the game. What was impressive was the ball handler was three quarters down the field. I was so proud when both coaches and the ref approached me and asked if I was her father and if so, would I be open to having her try out for the city team.

Strength is picking up and the draw is started to loosen up. What a difference. Just a spectacular cigar. More pronounced cedar, eucalyptus, cocoa and earth. Hints of vanilla, spice and oolong tea round out the profile. Brilliantly smooth. Strength is still at a medium level, just more amplified. The cigar is hitting its stride now.

The retrohale is fuller now. More distinct layers of eucalyptus, spice, cocoa with a touch of vanilla and cedar to round things out as it moves through the nasal passages.

Nice balance between strength and flavour. Muscular tones of cedar, eucalyptus and cocoa to start, followed by spice, oolong tea and vanilla. Very enjoyable now that the draw has opened up.


Final Third
I look forward to seeing what the future holds. I hope she continues to focus on doing well in school and athletics. My worries are more towards peer pressure and who she hangs out with. I hope that we have taught her well, in terms of making sound decisions. I also hope that she knows that her mom and dad always have her best interests in mind and that she can count on us for love, support and encouragement.

Cocoa and earth have taken a more dominant position now, followed by cedar, eucalyptus, spice and oolong tea. Vanilla has died down slightly. Barely represented. The strength has picked up again but stays in the medium category.

Retrohale is much more pronounced with cedar, eucalyptus and spice leading the way. Powerful as it moves through the nasal passages.

The afterfinish is expansive on the palate. Layers of cocoa, spice, eucalyptus and cedar proudly strut their stuff. Vanilla and oolong tea meekly present themselves intermittently. Nice way to end with a bang….


Final Thoughts
Although I really enjoyed this cigar, I like it for what is symbolizes than for what it is. It represents a time for me to reflect and honour one of the proudest moments of my life, which is welcoming my daughter in the world. I have learned so much about myself through her and I am humbled with how much she has contributed to my life and to others. Happy birthday darling. Daddy loves you….

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4 Responses to 2000 Milenio Montecristo Robusto: My daughter’s birthday cigar….

  1. umpiressuk says:

    Awesome Art! Your daughter sounds like she has taken a lesson from you and is enjoying her youth. Glad to see you back.


  2. Dimmers says:

    Best wishes for your daughters birthday, and great to see you back posting! All the best!

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