2012 LCDH Ramon Allones Superiores

 photo IMG_20141104_183142_zpsr7zlaeap.jpg

Ramon Allones. One of my favorite marcas. A model of consistency, in terms of flavour profile. A battle of savory and sweet that always leads to a satisfying smoke.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

 photo 20141104_182617-1_zps7tfl24on.jpg

The 2012 Ramon Allones Superiores is a nice looking cigar. I went deep on these as the size and the price in Cuba were right. I have found the LCDH exclusivo series to be very consistent and high quality.

The wrapper is a light chestnut hue of brown with reddish inflections. Smooth to the touch. Aromas of branyard, chocolate, leather and a touch of honey emanate from the wrapper.

The construction is good. Firm throughout the cigar with extra tension near the final third. Hope this doesn’t lead to draw issues. The triple cap looks good and tthe foot is packed.

 photo 20141104_182716-1_zpscrqqr46q.jpg

 photo 20141104_182723-1_zpsen2ik0bg.jpg

A quick twist from my punch and we are ready to roll.

The draw is firm. Hope it loosens up when I light it.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are molasses, honey, leather and a touch of earth….

Time to take this to the flame…..

 photo IMG_20141104_223008-1_zpsgoi5xdoc.jpg

First Third
Love this flavour profile. Honey, leather, earth, raisins and a touch of cedar. Soooo soothing. Perfect way to unwind and relax. Strength is at a medium level and balances well with flavour profile.

The draw is a little tight however, burn and smoke production are good. The ash is a ‘Dirty’ light grey.

The retrohale is decadent. Beautiful layers of leather, honey, earth and a touch of roasted nuts move effortlessly through the nasal passages

The after finish is equally decadent. The flavours linger on the palate, allowing me to sit back and enjoy. Roasted nuts, leather and honey lead the way, with earth, raisins and a touch of cedar following suit. The strength level is perfect right now. Just a delicious way to spend the evening so far.

 photo IMG_20141104_225851_zps6hgd0kvc.jpg

Second Third
I’ve been reading a book entitled ‘Natchez Burning.’ It is excellent so far and, ironically, one of the main characters is a cigar smoker. If you are looking for a thriller to read, I recommend that you grab a copy of this to enjoy.

The cigar’s flavour profile is really evolving as we enter the second third. Heavier lean towards the earth, leather and cedar side of the flavour profile, while honey and raisins ask more as accents vs. key players. Strength still stays at a medium level.

The after finish is more revealing though. Leather, earth and a touch of raisins to start, followed by cedar, roasted nuts and a touch of molasses. The flavours seems to meld together and then morph into something brilliant. Very easy to smoke as the flavours are lasting on the palate so you have time to relax between draws.

The draw itself has loosened up slightly however, still more restricted than I would like it to be. It does not detract from the strength and flavours though.

The retrohale is equally enjoyable. Cedar, leather and earth, followed by roasted nuts make their way easily through the nasal passages. No harshness to speak up, despite the tilt towards the more robust flavours at this stage.

 photo IMG_20141104_234133_zpse3gmotpo.jpg

Final Third
Beautiful complexity as we enter the final third. I am amazed how there are slight nuances between the flavours with each draw, from the perspective of which flavours get profiled vs. hands in the back drop.

At time, honey and raisins play a more prominent part as it collaborates with cedar, leather, earth and roasted nuts. Other time, the more robust flavours strut their stuff and flex their muscles.

The after finish is more enjoyable though as this is where the time on the palate is not only impressive but displays the complexity of the flavour profile. Absence of harshness amplifies the flavours and the ability for the flavours to linger on the palate, allows you to sit back and enjoy.

A slight tweak here, a gentle nudge there, the balance between savory and sweet are constantly changing, keeping you both amused and interested. This is smoking fantastic, considering they are only been in my humidor for 2 years….

 photo IMG_20141104_234316_zpsz3l0hbqp.jpg

Final Impressions
This is smoking beautifully right now. I have been impressed with how well 2012 stock in general has been. The quality of tobacco, flavour profile, strength and balance of this cigar has been wonderful. The only downside was the construction as the draw was a little too restrictive for my liking.

I do wonder how these will evolve over time, seeing that they are smoking so well after only 2 years of slumber in the humidor. I guess only time will tell and I hope to continue to monitor the cigar’s evolution for years to come.

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