2005 Edicion Regional Suiza Ramon Allones Eminencia revisited


This has been my first review in awhile.  Took some time off as life just got busy.  New job, active kids and balancing priorities have taken me away from cigar smoking. The good news is that it has allowed my cigars to age….lol

I’ve always loved the Ramon Allones marca.  It’s sad to see that the regular production vitolas dwindling down and the only ways to access different sizes is through the Edicion Regional program and that comes with a premium cost and can be challenging to access.  The optimistic way to look at things is that different countries have the opportunity to have something unique for their respective country.

Let’s see how this is progressing….


This is such an elegant looking cigar.  It is a Franciscos viola that comes in at a 44 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length.  There were 1,200 numbered 25 count boxes released in 2005 and there were an additional 1,221 numbered 25 boxes released in 2007.

The aroma from this cigar is stunning.  10 years of aging gracefully has brought a very complex bouquet of barnyard, earth, caramel, and cocoa.  The wrapper is a golden, honeyed hue of brown.

It looks like the cigar has shrunk over time. The two bands are loose yet the cigar is still firm throughout the cigar, with a slight give when squeezed.  The foot is nicely packed.

A quick twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready to go.  It looks like I am out of practice as the head slightly cracks from the twist.  Lol.

The draw is firm however, provides good air flow.  Flavours of stewed fruit, mint and cocoa hit me on the cold draw.

Time to take this to the flame….


First third

This is smoking beautifully.  The flavours are well integrated.  Smooth and complex.  A nice balance of savoury and sweet.  Touches of cedar, maraschino cherry, earth, cocoa and citrus gently meld on my palate.  Strength is at a medium level.  The burn is razor sharp and the draw is excellent.  The ash is a ‘dirty’ whitish grey and holds on forever.

The retrohale brings a hint of spice, combined with touches of stewed fruit and cocoa.  The flavours move seamlessly through the nasal passages.

The after finish is beautiful.  Strength is at a medium level and supports the flavours nicely.  Long and lingering without being intrusive.  The flavours dance on my palate.  No one flavour overpowers the other.  They are all working in unison.  The sweetness of the stewed fruit and cocoa start off, followed by cedar, earth and maraschino cherry.  A wonderful experience so far.

04A9D98E-D7A0-4787-9FE3-52D5C37CB152_zpsnylcuyc8Second Third

This continues to deliver in spades.  The balance between sweetness and savoury is stunning.  The cedar eases off, molasses comes in to compliment the citrus and stewed fruit and leather and earth rounds out the profile.  Very soothing….

The retrohale has a nice kick to it.  The cocoa,  molasses and citrus move gently through my nasal passages.

The after finish is delicious. A bit of evolution here.  Milk chocolate and molasses are more pronounced, followed by citrus, leather and earth.  Elements of stewed fruit come in and out of the profile to keep things interesting.  Strength continues to be at a medium level.

D4C2334E-8197-4A72-8E5F-0604CDAE01C7_zpstotw6l1sFinal third

Strength is picking up slightly, bringing a richer, deeper flavour profile.  Dark chocolate, cedar and earth move to the forefront while stewed fruit and molasses offer support.  The citrus has died down considerably.

The retrohale is richer as well.  Stronger notes of dark chocolate and earth, intermingle with stewed fruit move more aggressively through the nasal passages.

The after finish is richer as well.  The flavours linger on the palate however, the dark chocolate and earth are more assertive.  Stewed fruit, molasses and cedar act more as accents than main players.  The flavours are still smooth and refined, just amplified.  A little surprising as it tells me that the cigar still has more potential to evolve over time.

5C5E91CB-0E4E-4219-AFFF-2DF2BF96E857_zps1mq9xcfqFinal thoughts

This cigar has not disappointed yet.  Complex and elegant.  It is like fine wine as it continues to improve over time.  The flavour profile brings together a nice balance between savoury and sweet while the strength provides the staying power on the palate so that you can take your time enjoying the experience.  The final third was a nice turn of events as it shows promise of further development in the years to come.

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6 Responses to 2005 Edicion Regional Suiza Ramon Allones Eminencia revisited

  1. Keith Brasier says:

    Nice to have you back writing again.


  2. It’s great to see that you are back and blogging again… I hope that all your stuff is on a good track right now…


  3. Dvickery says:

    Welcome back brother … Nice to see you .

    I am most of the way through a box of these … I so want them to be a great cigar … Alas I can’t say that about them … They are a ( barely ) good smoke in my opinion .

    I am glad tho that you enjoyed so much .



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