2010 Edicion Limitada Montecristo Grand Edmundo

I always look forward to smoking this cigar as it is the birth year of my son.  When he was born, I bought a number of boxes to smoke on his birthday.  This is one of those cigars that will always put a smile on my face as I get to take some time to reflect on the year that has passed and relive some memories

Let’s see how this is progressing….

The 2010 Edicion Limitada Montecristo Grand Edmundos is a nice looking cigar.  It is a Canonazo viola that comes in at a 52 ring gauge and is 5.9 inches in length.  There were an unspecified number of boxes released.  My understanding that the production run was of a decent size however, they are now tough to come by without paying a premium.

The wrapper is a deep reddish brownish hue.  Rustic, toothy and rough to the touch.  Aromas of barnyard, cocoa, earth, cream and a touch of sweetness.

The construction is ok.  Firm throughout the cigar however, the bottom third near the foot, seems to be a little to firm for my liking.  Hope this doesn’t present any draw issues.  The foot of the cigar seems tightly packed and the triple cap looks decent.

A quick twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready to roll…..

The draw is firm.  May have to roll the cigar around a bit to loosen it up.  Hopefully, I will be able to get through the first third as the cigar seems fine after that.

The cold draw reveals hazelnut, earth, mint and a touch of cocoa.

Time to put this to the flame….

First Third

Oolong tea, mint, molasses, leather and earth gently hit my palate.  Strength is lighter that I expected.  I hope that this picks up as we work our way through the cigar.  The draw is tight, the burn is razor sharp and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ white.

The retrohale is light as well.  Too light for my liking.  A nice array of sweetness and savoury notes however, it limps through the nasal passages.

The after finish is short as the strength is not there to leave a lasting impression on the palate.  Flavours are there however, it is like a hit and run.  Earth, leather, molasses, mint and cocoa come out strong and then dissipate sharply.  Need to get some staying power.

Second Third

The draw is opening up, the strength is starting to increase and the flavours are starting to come alive.  I suspect that this has to do with the tight construction at the front of the foot.

Earth, molasses, mint and dark chocolate have emerged from their slumber and are all working together to make up for the first third.  A nice smoothness to this cigar.

The retrohale is still very gentle.  Molasses, earth and dark chocolate move easily through the nasal passages.

The after finish is picking up the pace.  The flavour profile extends their stay on my palate with every draw.  Wonderful layers of molasses and cocoa, followed by earth and mint gently coat the palate.  Smooth and subtle.

Final Third

Now we are talking.  Excellent layering of flavours and the strength is at a medium level.  Everything is on point.

The retrohale is more assertive and reveals some new flavours.  Cedar, dark chocolate and molasses move effortlessly through the nasal passages.  Just beautiful right now.

The after finish is beautiful.  Makes me wish that this flavour profile and strength level was at the start of this experience.  Better late than never I guess.  A good combination of savoury and sweet, combined with a medium strength level so there is staying power on the palate.  Layers of dark chocolate, molasses, earth, cedar and a touch of mint dance on my palate.  The flavours linger on the palate, allowing me to sit back and walk down memory lane.

Final Impressions

This is a cigar that I enjoy, more for what it represents than for the flavour profile.  An enjoyable cigar with great flavours however, the experience of walking down memory lane and the enjoyment of reminiscing on how my family and my life changed in 2010 is priceless.  I can’t believe it is 5 years ago today that my son was born.  I am thankful that he is happy, healthy and developing into a wonderful person.  Happy birthday son.  Daddy loves you…..

This is a cigar that I truly enjoy smoking, more so for what it represents than the actual flavours.  It will always bring a smile to my face as

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