2005 Trinidad Coloniales

The Trinidad line reserved for diplomatic gifts until it was released to the public in 1997.  The Coloniales vitola was released in 2004.  It is a coronas vitola that comes in at a 44 ring gauge and is 5.2 inches in length.

These are available in cardboard 5 packs and 24 count varnished semi boite nature boxes.

Let’s see how this is progressing….

The wrapper is a honeyed hue of brown.  Smooth and silky to the touch.  Aromas of barnyard, honey and earth emanate from the wrapper.

The construction is excellent.  Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed.  The pigtail triple cap looks good and the foot is packed.

A quick twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready to go.

The draw is perfect.  Firm with a slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: honey, cedar, earth and a touch of citrus.

Time to take this to the flame….

First Third

A beautiful array of honey, earth and cocoa with touches of cedar and eucalyptus.  Subtle and cloying.  Strength is at a medium level.  Nice balance so far between flavours and strength.

The draw is perfect and the smoke production is excellent.  The burn is razor sharp and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ white.

The retrohale is seductive.  Layers of honey, cedar and eucalyptus move effortlessly through the nasal passages.

The after finish is luscious.  Honey, eucalyptus and earth to start, followed by cedar and citrus notes.  Delicious.  The strength allows the flavours to linger on the palate further enhancing the experience.  Great start

Second Third

Hints of oolong tea and leather joins in and compliments the honey, eucalyptus, earth and cedar notes.  The citrus notes intermingle sparingly.

The retrohale brings a new angle to the senses.  The honey, oolong tea, earth and eucalyptus ease their way through the nasal passages.

The after finish is beautiful.  The eucalyptus, leather, honey and earth lead the way, followed by cedar, oolong tea and citrus notes.  The strength bolsters the flavours and allow them to dance on the palate.  The flavours themselves intermingle and take turns profiling themselves.  Subtle tilts of emphasis between the flavours.

Final Third

The flavour profile is off the charts.  The delicate layers of eucalyptus, honey and citrus notes combine beautifully with oolong tea, earth and cedar.

The retrohale is gorgeous.

The after finish is crazy good.  Layers of eucalyptus, cedar and earth to start that gives way to honey, citrus, and oolong tea.  Strength is at a medium level and allows the flavours to meld and dance on the palate.  Beautiful……

Final Impressions

This is smoking beautifully right now.  The array and nuance of the flavours are dazzling.  Nice evolution throughout the experience and the flavours take turns profiling themselves.  Slight tweaks within the flavour profile keeps you interested and guessing.  A wonderful experience.

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1 Response to 2005 Trinidad Coloniales

  1. ATL says:

    The stuff dreams are made of. The Trinidad Coloniales is the most underrated cigar made. Pure joy!

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