2015 Partagas Muduro No. 1

60fe3817-ba1e-4426-984a-aece5c8f6ce7_zpssog0aljc Scooped up the last box of these during my recent trip to Varadero.

I was curious about this release as it is new to the Habanos portfolio. Usually the maduro wrapper is used for the Edicion Limitada series.  I wonder if this will be the start of a new trend…

This is a robustos  vitola that comes in at a 52 ring guage and is 5.1 inches in length and is available in 25 count boite nature boxes

Lets see how this is progressing….


The wrapper is a molten, deep chestnut hue of brown. Rough and rustic to the touch. Aromas of burnt almonds, dark chocolate, barnyard and molasses emanate from the wrapper. A unique aroma indeed.

The construction is decent. Seems a little spongy however, it may be due to the humidity in Varadero and I haven’t dry boxed the cigar.  The rounded triple cap looks good and the foot is packed

A quick snap from my Palio cutter and we are ready to roll.

The draw is good. Firm with a nice airflow, with slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: earth, leather, cocoa and touches of molasses and eucalyptus.

Time to take this to the flame…


First third

Astringent to start. Vegetal notes that combines with expresso, dark chocolate and cedar. Heavy on the palate. Raw and unbridled. Strength is at a medium full level.

The draw is perfect and nice smoke production. The burn is razor sharp and the ash is a ‘dirty’ whitish light grey

The retrohale is heavy as expresso, dark chocolate and cedar move assertively through the nasal passages

The after finish is a monster on the palate. Powerful and brash. Heavy waves of expresso, dark chocolate, cedar and vegetal notes dominate. Unforgiving and tough to smoke. Will have to allow the palate to recover between draws.


Second third

The flavours and strength are settling down and starting to balance itself out.  Rich with expresso, leather, earth and cocoa. The reduction of strength to medium level allows a more enjoyable experience.

The retrohale continues to see heavy doses of expresso, cocoa and earth as the flavours move assertively through the nasal passages.

The after finish continues to be overpowering, despite the reduction of strength.  Full waves of cocoa, leather, earth and expresso muscle the palate and do an extended mashup on the palate.  A little too strong for my liking as its like everything is too loud all at once


Final third

Vegetal notes reappear, bringing burnt almonds with it.  The flavour profile is even heavier as cocoa, expresso, leather and earth continue to stay at the same level.  This is like a speaker whose volume was turned up to 11.

The retrohale is muscular and brutish.  Burnt almonds, leather, earth and cocoa bum rush the nasal passages with reckless abandon

The after finish is overpowering.  Muscular, brash and unforgiving on the palate.  Heavy doses of leather, earth, cocoa, expresso, burnt almonds and vegetal notes punish the palate into submission.  Need water to calm the senses between draws.  This is not in my wheelhouse.


Final impressions

This need to be buried deep into my humidor and should never see the light of day until a few years from now.

Powerful, raw and full of youth. The strength and flavours are on steroids at this point.

Not my cup of tea at this stage however, based on the strength and flavours, it may evolve into a nice smoking experience in the future.  Looking forward to seeing how this smokes in a year

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