2014 Edicion Regional Turquia Bolivar Bosphorus

f43f7c07-2308-4d78-9139-f73e84eeb597_zpspj3jd9gtA great BOTL allowed me to purchase a fiver of of him to review and sample over time as this is the first Edicion Regional for Turkey.

The 2014 Edition Regional Turquia Bosphorus is a Petit Edmundo vitola that comes in at a 52 ring gauge and is 4.3 inches in length.

There were 2,000 numbered 25 count Boite nature boxes released.

let’s see how this is progressing….


The 2014 Edicion Regional Turquia Bolivar Bosphorus is a short and stout cigar.

The wrapper is a rich milk chocolate hue of brown that is silky smooth to the touch.  Pungent aromas of barnyard, wild mushrooms, earth and cocoa emanate from the wrapper.

The construction seems slightly underfilled.  Fairly firm throughout the cigar with a more give when squeezed than most cigars, particularly in the middle.  The rounded triple cap looks good and the foot is packed

A quick snip from my Palio cutter and we are off to the races

The draw is open.  Could lead to burn issues.  It may be due to the Varadero humidity.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: sourdough bread, cedar, earth and leather.

Time to take this to the flame…..


First third

The flavour profile is crisp and boastful on the palate.  Cedar, earth, cream, expresso, leather and a touch of roasted nuts start us off on this adventure.  Strength is at a medium level. Robust but not overpowering.

The draw is good and the smoke production is boisterous.  The burn is slightly wonky and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ light grey with black inflections.

The retrohale is strong as cedar, expresso, earth and leather move flamboyantly through the nasal passages.

The after finish is long on the palate.  Muscular and angular without being aggressive.  The heavy doses of expresso, leather, earth, cedar and roasted nuts seem to work in unison as they envelop the palate.  An assertive flavour profile that is not overbearing.


Second third

The ash shows signs of underfilling and the draw opens up considerably.  A little looser than I like it.

The strength continues to stay at a medium level however, intermittent signs that the strength may increase show up in a draw or two.

The retrohale continues to bring assertive layers of cedar, expresso, earth and leather.  Consistent as it moves through the nasal passages.

Nice complexity in the after finish as there are slight nuances, in terms of profiling flavours, with each draw.  Sometimes leather, earth and cedar lead the way.  Other times, expresso, roasted nuts and cream move forward.  Rich on the palate without being overpowering.  Still need to respect the flavour profile by taking time between draws and minimize the open draw.


Final third

The draw continues to be open and the underfilling accelerates the burn.  The burn itself in wonky as a result.

The flavours continue to ebb and flow with each draw.  They take turns profiling certain flavours on the palate.

The retrohale consistently brings expresso, roasted nuts, earth and leather.  Seems more in unison as they move through the palate.

The after finish is a good balance between strength and flavours.  The strength allows the flavours to last on the palate and the flavours meld together nicely.  Layers of expresso, earth, leather, cedar roasted nuts and touches of cream form a delightful band of flavours.  Surprised how elegant this cigar is as the flavours are rich and robust yet not overpowering on the palate.  It must be the heavy dinner and cappuccino that helps balance this out.  Lol


Final impressions

This is a great after dinner cigar as one should not smoke this on an empty stomach. Hearty, robust and fitting with a cappuccino or dram of Legendario.  The combination brings relaxation and contentment as you allow your food to digest.

The balance between strength and flavours is good, despite the youthful age of the cigar.  The only issues  were the open draw, the underfilling of the cigar and that it was too short of an experience due to the size of the cigar.  These should age well and evolve over time.

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