2009 Edicion Regional Asia Pacifico Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos revisited

The 2009 Edicion Regional Asia Pacific Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos was one of the first Edicion Regionals that I purchased when I decided to seriously collect cigars.

What attracted me to this cigar was the Ramon Allones flavour profile and the unique shape of the cigar.

Let’s see how this is progressing…..

 The 2009 Edicion Regional Asia Pacific Ramon Alones Celestiales Finos is a unique looking cigar.  It is a Britanica vitola that comes in at a 46 ring gauge and is 5.4 inches in length.  The shape is unique as it has a rounded triple cap and tapered foot.

There were 4,000 numbered 25 count slide lid boxes released in 2009.

The wrapper is golden honeyed hue of brown.  Aromas of cocoa, brown sugar and roasted nuts emanate from the wrapper.

Construction is excellent.  Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed.

The rounded triple cap looks good and the tapered foot is packed.

A quick twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready to roll.

The draw is perfect.  Nice airflow with a touch of resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: eucalyptus, earth, cocoa and a touch of molasses.

Time to take this to the flame…..

First Third

Cocoa, eucalyptus, honey, earth and a touch of molasses and herbal notes enter the fray.  Very smooth and relaxing.  The strength is at a medium level and perfectly suited to supporting the flavour profile.

The draw is perfect and the smoke production is excellent.  The burn is a little wonky and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ grey.

The retrohale brings roasted nuts, eucalyptus, herbal notes and earth that gently move through the nasal passages.

The after finish is so relaxing.  Long and lingering on the palate.  Layers of eucalyptus, molasses, earth, honey and cocoa envelop the senses and instantly sends me in a state of relaxation.  The smooth elegance of the flavours are impressive.

Second Third

This is just delicious.  Nice nuance within the flavour profile and excellent balance between the flavours and strength.  Well integrated and refined.  Everything is firing on all cylinders.  Impressive for its age.  Layers of cocoa, eucalyptus, molasses, cocoa, earth  and a touch of roasted nuts gently envelop the palate.  The medium strength level compliments the flavours completely.

The retrohale brings a touch of roasted nuts, eucalyptus, cocoa and earth.  A subtle richness as it moves through the palate.

The after finish lingers on the palate.  Elegant, complex and refined.  This is smoking like a dream.  A nice balance between savoury and sweet.  Just delicious.  Gentle waves of eucalyptus, earth and cocoa, bolstered with roasted nuts and molasses.  So enjoyable…..

Final Third

Strength has picked up slightly.  More richer now.  The earth, cocoa and roasted nuts have taken on a more assertive role in the flavour profile and is accented by the eucalyptus and molasses.

The retrohale has a nice rich overtone to it.  Earth, cocoa and roasted nuts with a touch of eucalyptus move effortless through the nasal passages.

The after finish can put one in a meditative state.  Waves of roasted nuts, eucalyptus, molasses, earth and cocoa work in unison to deliver a wonderful experience.

Final Impressions

This is a joy to smoke at this stage.  6 years in the humidor has really brought the flavour profile together.  The subtle nuances within the flavour profile are impressive as is the balance between strength and flavour profile.  Rich and smooth with depth and complexity.  I can see why people are searching for boxes of these cigars…..

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