2011 LCDH Ramon Allones Superiores

I recently read a discussion/debate between the 2011 Edicion Limitada Ramon Allones Allones Extra and the 2011 LCDH Ramon Allones Superiores.

The discussion was how has each cigar evolved over time and which was smoking better at this stage.

I decided to smoke them in sequence to develop my own view on this topic.

Let’s see how this is progressing…

The 2011 LCDH Ramon Allones Superiores is a beautiful looking cigar.  It is a Coronas Gordas vitola that comes in at a 46 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length.

There were supposed to be 5,000 numbered 10 count dress boxes released however, they were produced and available for an extended period of time.

The wrapper is a lightly honeyed hue of brown that is velvety smooth to the touch.  Aromas of milk chocolate, vanilla, barnyard and earth emanate from the wrapper.

The construction is excellent.  Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed.  The triple cap looks good and the foot is packed.

A quick twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready for ignition.

The draw is perfect.  Nice airflow with a slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are raisins, earth and leather, with a touch of cedar.

Time to take this to the flame……

First Third

There is a nice depth to the flavours from the start.  Rich layers of cedar, stewed fruit, leather and cocoa come out strong.  Touches of citrus and eucalyptus come in and out of focus.  The strength continues to be at a medium level and fully supports the flavours.

The draw and smoke production are excellent.  The burn is razor sharp and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ grayish white.

The retrohale is powerful.  Heavy layers of cedar, earth, leather and cocoa assertively move through the palate.

The after finish is equally powerful.  The strength allows the flavours to linger on the palate for an extended period of time.  Cedar, leather and cocoa come out strong, followed by stewed fruit and glimpses of citrus and eucalyptus.  Very discerning between savoury and sweet.  Muscular on the palate.  Will have to smoke this slowly to respect the flavour profile.

Second Third

This is decadent.  Rich and robust.  The strength has moved towards a more medium to full level.  The flavours are bold and muscular.  The balance between flavours and strength is good yet amplified.

The retrohale is stunning.  Boisterous layers of leather, earth, cedar and a touch of raisins assertive move through the nasal passages.

The after finish is heavy and coating on the palate.  Brash and bold.  Strong layers of leather, earth, cedar followed meekly by raisins, eucalyptus and citrus.  Powerful and assertive.  This has lots of room to evolve as the flavours are amplified at this stage.

Final Third

This is powerful and tannic.  Flavours are so pronounced and assertive on the palate.  5 years has not slowed this down one bit.  The strength continues to be at a medium full level.  This is a cigar that needs to be smoked slowly.

The retrohale is on the brink of being overly assertive.  Leather, earth, cedar and a touch of eucalyptus strut down the nasal passages with authority.

The after finish is long and cloying.  Heavy layers of earth, cedar, eucalyptus, and cedar with inflections of citrus dominate the palate.  Strength is not letting up.  Patience is needed when smoking this cigar as the palate needs time to recover between draws.

Final Impressions

This has developed even more strength since the last time I smoked one of these.  Muscular, brash and unforgiving on the palate as you move through the cigar.  Surprised how balanced the strength and flavours are, seeing that everything is amplified.  Lots of room to evolve over time as this has the makings of being a being a great cigar.  Needs time to fully integrate and settle down.  It is a cigar that forces you to smoke it slowly in order to fully enjoy it….

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