2015 Edicion Regional Cuba Diplomaticos Excelencia

0dec84f5-9f55-45c2-b6ac-518c0932307e_zpsaqpatrwdI got lucky with this release.  I arrived in Varadero near the tail end of the Friends of Partagas festival that was being held in Havana.  I had heard that the 2015 Edicion Regional Cuba Excelencia was no where to be found during the festival.

I walked into LCDH in Varadero and witnessed 3 Asians buy 30 boxes in total.  Luckily, I was able to convince me to sell me the remaining 2 boxes.  Very happy to have some to try over time.

Let’s see how this is progressing…..



The 2015 Edicion Regional Cuba Diplomaticos Excelencia is a stout looking cigar.

It is a robusto vitola that comes in at a 50 ring gauge and is 4.9 inches in length.

There were 7,000 numbered 10 count dress boxes released.

The wrapper is a lightly honeyed hue of brown.  Smooth to the touch.  Aromas of roasted nuts, honey, earth and barnyard.

The construction is excellent.  Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed.  The triple cap looks good and the foot is packed.

A gentle twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready to roll.

The draw is perfect.  Nice airflow with a slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: honey, roasted nuts, light cedar and hazelnuts.

Time to take this to the flame…



First Third

Light cedar, roasted nuts, cocoa, earth, hay and touches of honey start us off on our adventure.  Strength is at a medium level.  No harshness to speak of.

The draw has tightened slightly but still manageable.  Tons of smoke billow from the cigar.  The burn is a little wonky but should correct itself and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ whitish, light grey.

The retrohale brings cocoa, leather and light cedar that move through the nasal passages effortlessly.

The after finish lingers gently on the palate.  Fresh cut grass, roasted nuts and leather to start, followed by cocoa, earth and touches of honey.  The medium level strength allows the flavours to interact with each other for an extended period of time.  A milder flavour profile than I anticipated however, still enjoyable.  A nice change of pace.



Second Third

Strength continues to be at a medium level.  The fresh cut grass notes, cocoa and roasted nuts have moved up the flavour profile ladder while, earth, leather, and light cedar play a supporting role.

The retrohale is richer as cocoa, hay, fresh cut grass and roasted nuts more in harmony through the nasal passages.

The after finish is equally richer as the strength enhances the cocoa, roasted nuts, fresh cut grass and leather, followed by leather, earth and touches of honey.  Very interesting flavour profile….



Final Third

More of the same.  Heavier flavour profile now.  Fresh cut grass, roasted nuts, earth, leather and light cedar.  The honey notes have dissipated.   Strength continues to be at a medium level.

The retrohale has fresh cut grass, leather, earth and toasted nuts that move through the nasal passages with confidence.

The after finish brings cocoa, leather and earth, followed by fresh cut grass and roasted nuts.  Heavier on the palate despite the consistent medium level strength.  Would like to see the honey come back as it provides a more rounder flavour profile.



Final Impressions

This cigar needs some time to come together.  Seems young and rough around the edges and I suspect that the complexity will come to fruition over time.

The core flavours are nice but needs time to find a common ground.  Will revisit in a year to see how things are coming together.






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4 Responses to 2015 Edicion Regional Cuba Diplomaticos Excelencia

  1. Charlie H. says:

    Cuban regionals seem to be very hard to find and the most sought after (along with Italy)…the La Gloria from years past is coming along very nicely. I really like the 10ct boxes…

    It seams that Diplomaticos need more time than any other marca in the Habanos SA porfolio, in my experiences. Great review!

  2. Scott says:

    What were the price of these in CUCs?

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