2007 Edicion Regional Baltico El Rey Del Mundo Vikingos

d4563508-c584-4393-ba31-e56c32a90244_zpsjxlz7eyiI received this cigar through a trade with a great BOTL.  I’ve grown to really enjoy the EDRM flavour profile and find them amplified when part of the Edicion Regional program.

This is a Gorditos vitola that comes in at a 50 ring gauge and is 5.6 inches in length. There were 408 numbered 25 count slide lid boxes released in 2007.

Let’s see how this is progressing….


The wrapper is a lightly honeyed, milk chocolate hue of brown.  Aromas of milk chocolate, cream, vanilla wafers, honey and leather emanate from the wrapper.

The construction is excellent.  Firm with a slight given when squeezed. The rounded triple cap is expertly applied and the foot is packed.

A quick snap from my Palio cutter and we are ready to roll.

The draw is perfect.  Nice airflow with a slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: honey, citrus, leather and earth.

Time to take this to the flame….


First third

Luscious start. Vibrant flavours of leather, citrus, earth and touches of honey and graham cracker gently envelop the palate.  Very delicate and refined profile.

The strength is at a medium level and nicely supports the flavours.

The draw is perfect and the smoke production is excellent.  The burn is relatively even and the ash is a ‘dirty’ light greyish black.

The retrohale is equally vibrant as citrus, leather, earth and light cream move suavely through the nasal passages.

The after finish is gorgeous.  Sits on the palate for days and gently allows the flavours to ebb away.  Citrus, leather and earth, followed by honey, graham cracker and light cream.  A great way to start the morning.


Second third

Leather, citrus and earth take the lead in the flavour profile, supported by cream, honey and graham crackers. Inflections of light cocoa interplay occasionally.

The retrohale is amplified with the focus on leather, earth and citrus.  Vibrant as it moves through the palate.

The after finish is equally vibrant yet delicate. gentle layers of leather, earth and citrus, followed by light cocoa, honey, graham crackers and cream.  Soothing and refined with no harshness.  The strength allows the flavour to linger on the palate effortlessly.  Easy peasy.


Final third

Light cocoa has moved up the ladder, partnering with earth, leather and citrus, increasing the depth of the flavour profile. Graham cracker, honey and cream play the supporting roles.   The strength continues to be at a medium level.

The retrohale has added complexity with the addition of light cocoa that moves with leather, earth and citrus gently through the nasal passages.

The after finish is vibrant and refreshing. Beautiful layers of leather, citrus, earth and light cocoa, interlaced with honey, graham cracker and cream.  Gentle as it envelops the palate. soothing and relaxing.  No harshness to speak of.  Everything is working in concert with each other


Final impressions

This is smoking beautifully right now.  A real treat to smoke this in the morning, on the beach in Varadero.  Vibrant yet delicate.  Graceful on the palate.  Would love to pick up more of these if they became available.

Not sure if this has reached its peak or will go through an additional evolution.  Time will tell….

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