1970s Los Statos de Luxe Cremas

a3e359fc-84cc-4421-9bc9-2c440cdc5a6a_zpsgtvl7grrReceived this from a great BOTL to try and review.

These are known to be little powerhouses.  The 1970s Los Statos de Luxe Cremas is a corona vitola that comes in at a 40 ring guage and is 5.5 inches length.

These are machine made and wrapped in cello.  They were available in 25 count dress boxes and were discontinued in 2005.

Let’s see how it is progressing….



The 1970s Los Statos de Luxe Cremas is a rustic looking cigar.  Aromas of barnyard, milk chocolate, earth and hazelnut emanate from the wrapper once the cello is opened.

The wrapper is rustic, toothy and bumpy.

Construction is firm with a slight give when squeezed.  A little too firm at the top of the cigar.  It may lead to draw problems.  Surprising for a machine made cigar as the previous ones I’ve had have been pretty good.  The triple cap is rustically applied and the foot seems fairly packed.

A quick snap from my Palio cutter and we are off to the races.

The draw is decent.  The airflow is a little tighter than I like…

Initial flavours from the cold draw are muted.  Faint traces of earth, cocoa and cedar.

Time to take this to the flame…



First Third

The flavour profile is muted as the strength level is light.  Faint traces of earth, leather, light cedar and nutmeg try to come to the forefront.  Seems expired with the lack of power to support the flavour profile.

The draw has tightened up.  Limited in both the draw and smoke production.  The burn is fairly sharp and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ white with black inflections.

The retrohale is almost non existent.  Light cedar, earth and leather with hints of toasted oak move meekly through the nasal passages.

The after finish is fleeting.  Touches of light cedar, earth, leather and toasted oak try to stay on the palate however, the absence of strength is noticeable.  The flavours dissipate very quickly.  A quick run to the hills so far…



Second Third

The draw has opened slightly and the strength has picked up.  Still in the light category but better than the first third.

The retrohale is trying to establish itself.  More pronounced layers of toasted oak, light cedar and earth struggle through the nasal passages.

The after finish has found some staying power.  Gentle layers of light cedar, toasted oak, earth, leather and touches of floral notes.  The strength threatens to move to the medium level which would be a game changer at this stage.



Final Third

The strength level has increased slightly.  A bitterness has creeped in, off putting to the light cedar, toasted oak, earth and leather.

The retrohale has become more pronounced.  Leather, earth, light cedar and toasted oak have finally made an impression as they move through the nasal passages.

The after finish is more focused however, still fleeting.  The flavours are recognizable now however, they still lack staying power on the palate.  Leather, light cedar and earth, followed by toasted oak and floral notes.  The strength is locked at light to medium level.  At least it is at a level where you can get a glimpse of what this could have been….



Final Impressions

Seems that this cigar is on the downslope.  The apex of the strength level was at the final third and at best, it was light to medium.

The flavour profile in the last third were striking and enjoyable however, it took some discipline to keep smoking this cigar after the first third due to the absence of strength.

Would like to see how this would have been in its heyday as the flavour profile is very interesting and would be a nice change of pace cigar….








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