2010 40th Aniversario Portman robusto revisited

347b6f78-cec0-4c07-85c0-bd573b9453a6_zpst72yffilIt’s been a couple of years since I smoked this cigar.  A great BOTL provided me the opportunity to purchase a few of these to try.  The original review is here.

The Portmanns are world renowned for their customer service, knowledge and dedication to the cigar industry.

The Portmann 40th Aniversario robusto is a beautiful looking cigar.  It comes in at a 50 ring gauge and is 4.9 inches in length.  These were released within a beautiful commemorative jar.  Each cigar contained 25 cigars.  The detail in both the jar and the band are outstanding.  Lots of work and passion were put into making this a very special release to recognize a major accomplishment.

Let’s see how this is progressing…



The wrapper is beautiful light chestnut brown that is smooth and silky to the touch.  Aromas of caramel, barnyard, cream, leather and cocoa emanate from the wrapper.  I seem to think that the aromas are fainter than the last one.

The construction is excellent.  Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed.  The rounded triple cap looks good and the foot is packed.

A gentle twist from my Siglo multi punch and we are ready to roll.

The draw is good.  Nice airflow with a slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: cocoa, leather, earth, hazelnut and a touch of mint.

Time to take this to the flame…



First Third

The flavour profile comes out swinging.  Strong layers of cedar, earth, leather, cocoa and eucalyptus.  Strength is medium to full.

Surprises me as this cigar has slept for 5 years.  Makes me wonder if it is going through an additional fermentation phase.  Muscular and robust.

The draw is a little open for my liking.  Hope it tightens up. Lots of smoke billowing from the cigar as a result.  The burn is razor sharp and the ash is a ‘Dirty’ greyish black.

The retrohale brings heavy doses of cedar, earth, leather and cocoa.  Not bashful as it moves through the nasal passages.

The after finish lingers on the palate due to the medium to full strength of the cigar.  Amplified layers of cocoa, cedar and earth, followed by leather and eucalyptus.  Very assertive on the palate.  Will have to smoke this very slowly to respect the robust flavour profile.  Might be too overpowering to finish the full cigar, based on the first third…



Second Third

This is crazy strong right now.  I think this is the strongest cigar I have smoked this year.  Pure power personified.  Very heavy on the palate as the strength is bordering on full.

The flavours are amplified and robust due to the full strength.  Need to drink water to cleanse the palate between draws.

The retrohale is taxing on the nasal passages.  Heavy layers of cocoa, leather, mint, black pepper and cedar make no apologizes as they move with swagger through the nasal passages.  Almost feels like a searing sensation.

The after finish lingers forever.  Every draw takes a few minutes to let the flavours ebb away and allow for the palate to recover.  Unapologetic layers of earth, cocoa, black pepper, cedar, leather and mint come at me from all angles.  There is no avoiding the amplified flavours.  This is a cigar that you need to prepare for by eating a full meal.  This is a steak and cab type of cigar….



Final Third

The flavours and strength are unforgiving.  Everything is turned up to the max.  It’s like being at a rock concert and your seat is right by the speaker.  Everything is somewhat audible but the power just drowns you.

The retrohale hits you like a freight train.  Brash and muscular layers of black pepper, cocoa, leather, earth and cedar muscle their way through the nasal passages with reckless abandon.

The after finish is equally punishing.  The flavours are distinct and individualized.  It’s like being hit by a combination punch from Mike Tyson.  Cedar, earth, cocoa, black pepper and leather all come swinging.  Each take their turn leaving their mark on the palate.  The flavours seem to be more individual that working together as the full level of strength provides ample time on the palate.



Final Impressions

This cigar is on steroids right now.  Full of youthful brashness and power.  The strength is over the top and the flavours are ferociously strong and muscular.  This needs time to sleep. I won’t try this cigar for another 5 years as it is still in its development stage and this sample tells me not to rush to smoke another one.

The quality of the tobacco, flavours and heightened strength tells me that this could be an amazing cigar with time.  The flavours are distinct, precise but individualized.  The flavours need to come together and the balance of strength and flavours need to emerge.  I am excited for the potential of this cigar but will respect its current form and allow it time to come together….






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4 Responses to 2010 40th Aniversario Portman robusto revisited

  1. This sounds really amazing… but thx for the review which makes it easier for me to let my two jars rest for a few more years!


  2. Charlie H. says:

    Are these Cuban puros? I could find no information on them….


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