1980s Partagas Filipos revisited…



This is a cigar that I have been saving for awhile.  I had the opportunity to attend a fantastic herf a couple of years ago.  I was gifted one by a great BOTL and won another at an auction later that day.  Here is my first review of this cigar.

The 1980s Partagas Filipos is a Piaceras vitola that comes in at a 34 ring gauge and is 4.9 inches in length.  These were available in 25 count dress boxes and were discontinued in the 1980s.

Let’s see how this is progressing….



The wrapper is a lightly coloured hazelnut hue of brown.  Very faint.  Very different from new production cigars.

Aromas of cocoa, expresso and light hazelnut emanate from the wrapper.

The construction is excellent.  Firm throughout the cigar with a slight give when squeezed.  The small triple cap looks good and the foot is packed.

Tonight, I decide to do something different.  I lightly scratch the surface of the triple cap as the ring gauge is tiny and the cigar is delicate. After a few light scratches, I pierce a little hole to draw from.

The draw is perfect.  Nice airflow with a slight resistance.

Initial flavours from the cold draw are: hazelnut, cocoa, earth and leather.

Time to take this to the flame…



First Third

Wow!  This is power personified in a small package.  Heavy layers of earth, wild mushrooms, leather, cedar, expresso, white pepper and touches of eucalyptus hit my palate hard.  The strength is on the higher end of medium.  An eye opener that instantly gets your attention.

The draw is perfect and copious amounts of smoke billow from this little cigar.  The burn is excellent and the ash is a light greyish black.

The retrohale is wonderful.  Cedar, leather, white pepper, earth and eucalyptus move assertively through the nasal passages.

The after finish lingers on the palate.  Cedar, earth, wild mushrooms and black pepper, followed by leather, expresso and touches of eucalyptus.  Very balanced between strength and flavour profile.  Very integrated and refined.  Not as in your face as I remember the last one, however, will smoke this slowly as I suspect that this may the calm before the storm…



Second Third

The flavours are just beautiful right now.  Wonderfully integrated and nice balance between strength and flavours.  Soothing layers of cedar, eucalyptus, earth, expresso and black pepper.  Strength continues to be on a medium level.

The retrohale brings eucalyptus, cedar, earth and black pepper that move through the nasal passages in unison.

The after finish is just mesmerizing.  Beautiful balance between strength and flavours.  Everything is firing on all cylinders.  Integrated layers of cedar, earth, and eucalyptus, followed by leather, black pepper and expresso.  A soothing and relaxing experience so far.



Final Third

This is smoking phenomenally.  Strong yet refined.  Brilliant flavour profile and the strength is consistent at the medium level.

The retrohale brings roasted nuts, leather, eucalyptus, black pepper and cedar.  Fantastic as it moves through the nasal passages.

The late addition of roasted nuts add an extra dimension to the after finish.  Wonderful layers of black pepper, leather, earth and roasted nuts, followed by expresso and eucalyptus.  Sublime…



Final Impressions

This was a fantastic experience.  It’s a shame that this cigar has been discontinued.  A powerful and enticing flavour profile, balanced with a medium level strength that is wrapped up in a small package.

Makes me want to search these out as they are smoking beautifully right now.  Thank you to the great BOTL who put this up for auction.  This was one of the best cigars that I have smoked this year.




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