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I started to smoke cigars in 1997 when I first started in my industry. I mostly smoked them casually amongst friends, to celebrate personal milestones or successes in my career.

In 2008, I started to really get an appreciation for the Leaf. It was more for the opportunity to sit back, slow life down and reflect and relax.

I saw this as a new learning experience and to connect with new and old friends. This passion has provided my the opportunity to meet some fantastic people, visit new places and have fun.

It’s amazing what a bunch of fermented, rollled up tobacco can do, in terms of bringing people together and sharing experiences. Some of my closest friends have been made by firing up a cigar and getting to know people better.

This blog is a recording of my experiences as I continue to learn new things every day. I hope that you enjoy the journey with me.

20 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Hichem says:

    Hi, I wanted to tell you your blog is really well-made! I enjoyed reading your reviews, you smoked some unique vitolas! Keep up with your work. I also wanted to ask you what camera do you use for capturing cigars ?


  2. Thanks for your comments. Glad that you enjoy the blog.
    I use my Samsung Galaxy III for all my pictures.


  3. Frederic says:

    Love your blog 🙂


  4. Bill says:


    I see your reviews on the BOTL as well. Very well done. As a new-ish smoker, I am looking to take the next step up in cutters. I read that you always use a punch. It would seem that the punch leaves the most cap and cuts only a whole, which makes a lot of sense. Why do you use the punch, how long have you used it, and what size sticks does it NOT work for? Would be pleased to hear your rationale for using the punch as well as whether you use any other type of cutter and when. Thanks, Reelman


    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the question. I’ve been using a punch for the past three years. I have different sizes so I have maximum flexibility and choice of size of hole.

      I punch everything from a lancero to a BHK 56. The only cigar that I don’t use a punch for is a figurado/piramides or if the draw on the cigar is a little tight.

      I find it is cleaner, provides a more concentrated draw and thus, concentrates the flavours. More personal preference than anything.

      The punch I use is a Wolf punch. It has 2 different punch holes to choose from. I also have another standard punch. Nothing fancy.

      For a cutter, I use a Palio cutter. Best cutter in the business IMHO. Anyways a good, clean cut.

      Hope this helps. Glad you are enjoying the blog.




  5. Bill says:

    I have been a huge fan of your reviews, and passion, since reading them both here and on BOTL. Very quietly, I have been putting the finishing touches on a Cuban cigar eCommerce site that will launch in late March. I have over 4,500 cc buyers in my database, and a solid Habanos distributor that will feed my inventory.

    One of the things that I want to feature is reviews on the site (Habanos Cigar Vault), and I would like it to be yours. This site is designed to be a virtual cigar lounge, with music, reviews and buying opportunities. I am willing to send you a full box of cc’s each quarter for the privilege of having you post your same reviews on the site. Please give me a shout to see if we can match up.



  6. Riccardo K says:

    Really my favorite site to read about fine cigars, all your reviews match my feelings on the cigars I have enjoyed. Great blog, great reviews plain, simple and clean. Thank you for doing this!!


  7. Cole says:

    Love the blog brother! Can’t believe I haven’t clicked to it from CA until now. Good job and great work! (Chaase321)


  8. Joseph Núñez says:

    Yes, this is a fine blog. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, observations, etc. BTW, I just acquired a virgin box (still wrapped in cellophane) of pre-embargo Ramon Allones Coronas (25). Best regards.


    Joseph R. Núñez, Ph.D.
    Colonel, U.S. Army – Retired


  9. Steve says:

    Very nice blog Art. Love your reviews and your appreciation for the leaf. I’m glad I found this blog, didn’t know you had one, just seen it mentioned on FB. Continue the reviews, it’s a great read while lounging in my cigar lounge..

    Steve aka Bronco


  10. feltedhat says:

    Excellent site, great reviews of very nice cigars. Keep up the good work and keep the cigars burning!


  11. atlharp says:

    Love the blog. A couple of reviews got me drooling. I had that Flor De Cano Short Robusto last night. Loved the review, interesting reading the review while smoking the same cigar.


  12. paddockjudge says:

    Saw the link at Connosr and I’m glad I visited. The ‘Dirty’ Ashes is a Fantastic Blog! Thanks for sharing your enjoyment and your journey. I enjoy burning some leaf now and then, but don’t share the same level of passion that you possess; however, I do possess a stash of Macallan Cask Strength and would definitely share with you.



    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy the blog.

      I live in Toronto so not sure if there is an opportunity to enjoy a dram of Macallan Cask Strength with you.

      If you live in Toronto, happy to get together to enjoy a cigar and scotch together.

      Hope you are well and thanks again for the warm wishes




  13. Trey says:


    I’m assuming you’ve stopped blogging because your last post was from March, 2016. If this is the case, I’d like to thank you for all the experiences you’ve shared smoking cigars. This blog was always my go to for what I believe were unbiased reviews.

    Well Enjoy




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